Reasons to Go to Student Dentists for Your Next Appointment

Getting your teeth cleaned can be a huge pain. Not only is it time consuming and uncomfortable, but dental work can be incredibly expensive. Health related expenses are growing and regular maintenance can seem like an unnecessary expense to many. Just a few years ago, the American Dental Association reported that only about 50 percent of adults visit their dentist every six months, as recommended. Even more startling, almost a quarter claimed that they had not visited a dentist at all in the previous few years.

It’s apparent that Americans may think their teeth are important, but are still distracted by more pressing issues. The CDC finds that a shockingly high number of the dead in the United States possess untreated cavities in their mouths. While cavities aren’t often fatal, untreated toothaches can become septic in rare cases, which is lethal.

Once you make up your mind to find a new dentist, many new challenges present themselves. How will you choose from all the highly qualified specialists, surgeons, and general practitioners? Furthermore, everyone needs their own particular type of healthcare provider. Some people like a delicate touch, while others need a painstaking approach from someone who scrapes every millimeter of tooth clean, no matter the actual pain. Finally, once you’ve found someone, you need to hope they’re taking new patients and can see you during an opening in your busy schedule.

Dental care is easier and more cost effective than you think. If you’re seeking out a new Newark dentist to care for your precious teeth, you need look no further than a college campus. Dental students are available in campus clinics to perform simple teeth cleanings and more complex oral surgeries, and they’ll find a way to treat you as well, no matter how busy or odd your hours are. Student dentists are conscientious healthcare providers and strive to give you the best care available. Not only are student dentists passionate about the health of your smile, they’re working hard to prove themselves to their peers and instructors. Every day is a test for a student dentist, so you can be certain that every time you set foot in the clinic you will be cared for deeply through passionate practice.

Not only are student dentists well trained, supervised, and highly qualified to work on your teeth, they do it at a fraction of the cost. Thousands of patients, both young and old, enter dental school clinics all around the country each day to receive affordable and personalized dental work. Aside from the numerous benefits you enjoy as a patient, getting your teeth cleaned by students in your community is a form of community growth as well. Student dentists go on to perform invaluable oral healthcare services in their community once they complete their education. By lending your mouth, you give those who will go on to do important work a much needed set of teeth to practice with and hone their skills. In a way, by getting your teeth cleaned for a reasonable price, you’re also helping your neighbors later down the line.

So consider calling your local dental school to book an appointment. No matter your preferences, you’ll find the right dentist for your mouth, and an eager and exacting student waiting to give you the care and attention you most certainly need.