Reasons To Install A Cat Fence

Reasons To Install A Cat Fence

If you own cats, you’re a part of a larger community of people who treasure the presence of a feline friend. While you want to give your furry friend plenty of space to live his or her life to the fullest, you also want to provide a certain level of protection from the hazards of the outside world. For this reason, many people choose to have their felines live exclusively indoors, but there’s something to be said for allowing pets to go outside and live in their natural habitats. If your tabby dwells in the backyard, here are a few reasons to install a cat fence in outdoor situations.

Protect Your Pets From Cars

While cats lived and hunted in the countryside for centuries before being domesticated, modern technology has made the great outdoors a dangerous place to be a feline. Speeding cars are one of the biggest killers of outdoor pets, as an animal doesn’t have the common sense to stay out of the road. By installing a cat fence in your backyard, you’ll be doing your part to keep your companion safe from traffic accidents.

Prevent Breeding

The call of nature can be an irresistible force for any creature, which is why it’s important to have your pets spayed or neutered. If your cats are too young for this surgery, or you plan to one day breed them under controlled circumstances, it’s important to keep potential amorous suitors out of the picture. By installing a cat fence in outdoor locations, you’ll be doing your part to reduce the population of feral felines that currently occupy the country’s animal shelters.

Defend Your Garden

If you have a green thumb, your fruit, flowers and vegetables can be enticing targets for any outdoor cat. While it might seem like a nuisance to you when a feline chews on your plants, this habit can be potentially dangerous due to pesticides or naturally occurring substances that are harmful to cats when ingested. If you install a fence around your garden, you’ll be able to keep furry creatures from feasting on your prized begonias and avoid costly trips to the veterinarian at the same time.

Keep Unwanted Animals Out

You can put time and effort into the creation of a backyard sanctuary for your cats, but how do you stop visiting animals from ruining the tranquility? While a cat fence can work wonders to keep your felines from escaping into the outside world, it can serve a similar function in preventing unwanted intrusions from dogs or other creatures. Not only will you be protecting your companions from diseases, but you’ll also cut down on fights that could result in injuries.

A Backyard That’s Safe for Cats

Now that you know a few reasons why you should build a cat fence in outdoor situations, what are you waiting for? Pets can go a long way to enrich the lives of you and your family, so why wouldn’t you do everything possible to keep your furry friends safe? By setting up one of these enclosures, you’ll provide a controlled environment that still allows your felines to experience the outside world.