Reasons To Use An Animated Video In Your Marketing Strategy

A variety of online marketing companies are heading more towards videos, because of the many benefits seen with this strategy. Videos are a great marketing tool, since audiences connect with people on screen much faster than through written ads. There a few different names for these videos, such as online, corporate, and explainer videos. They are all similar in nature, but when you add an animated video into your marketing strategy, it may set you apart from the competition letting you lead the way.

High ROI

An animated video production has a high return on investment, much more than the traditional live shooting. For an animated video, all you need is storyboarding, scriptwriting, illustrators, voice over artists, and the production for it to be complete. For traditional live shooting, there are many more people and steps involved, which means more money comes out of your budget. In addition, a video production requires more time until the video is finished.

Animation is easily manipulated as well. If you change your mind halfway through production, it does not take as much to scrap the project and start over. For traditional live shooting, all you have is the footage you have already shot, so going in a different direction can be very costly.


Nowadays, anyone can shoot their own video and upload it to the internet. It takes time, dedication, and thinking outside of the box to create an animated video as part of the marketing strategy. From an artistic standpoint, animated videos are more difficult to produce, and it shows the company is putting forth an effort at maximizing their marketing.


A recent study showed that animated videos are more engaging and conversion rates increased by 20%. If your customers can interact with the video, they are more likely to pay attention for longer periods of time and then click the links to purchase the product. By providing an animated video that piques viewers’ interests and allows them to interact, they will become more intrigued and follow through on the product links.

Defy Physics

Animated videos are not limited by human laws. For example, people can fly, dogs can talk, and space is no longer out of reach. With traditional live videos, actors and actresses are limited by their bodies, as well as the laws of physics. If you are trying for a video that may be a little too difficult for humans to accomplish, it will be no problem for animated characters. This will also save you time and money by not having to hire stuntmen or purchase special equipment.

Animated videos are easily relatable to people of all ages. From children to adults, if you need something tough explained, animated videos can get the job done in a short amount of time and in a simple-to-understand manner. Furthermore, when working with animated videos, you are only limited by your imagination. Whatever you dream up can be transferred to the screen by professional creators in a shorter amount of time than traditional videos.