Recommended Upgrades For Exterior Home Facelifts

Beautify The Front Door
When dealing with curb appeal, the focal point is the front door. Upon arriving to the property, a person’s eye should immediately locate the front entrance. Consider painting the door a different color than the others on the exterior of the house, or installing a unique door. Never underestimate the power of a red door; if your house style and color will accommodate red, do not be afraid to make the leap and use this color. Another way to spice up a door that is not “fancy” is to place a wreath or other accessory  on it that will connect with the interior of the home. For example, if the house style is modern, place a modern piece on the door. Similarly, if the house style is colonial, place a traditional wreath on the door. Unless your screen door is new, you should consider removing it because they are often unsightly, noisy , and do not function as they should.

Install Architectural Details
Installing large moldings around a front door will attract attention to it, especially if they are painted a contrasting color.  This will add a little drama and charm to the exterior of the house and further increase its curb appeal.
Add Shutters or Accent Trim
Shutters are great for solving an  architectural imbalance. There are some house designs that appear more dominating on one side than the other. By adding shutters to the weaker side, you can create balance. New composite materials, such as PVC resins or polyurethane, make trim details durable and low maintenance.
Adding an accent trim around the windows and doors can create architectural interest and separate your house from other similar homes in the neighborhood, allowing yours to stand out and attract buyers.
Update The Bling
I believe that hardware is the jewelry on a house. Paying attention to these details create quite a significant impact. House numbers, lighting fixtures, kick plates, entry door lock sets, and wall mounted mailboxes are all components of a stylish and attractive curb appeal. Choose all matching metals or colors and you cannot go wrong.
Update Railings
Porch and deck railings can succumb to the effects of weather conditions pretty quickly if they are not maintained properly. If you need to replace any pieces  before repainting, this may be a great opportunity to add character that can separate your home from others in the neighborhood.  There are various options available, such as quality wood with various designs, PVC fencing, or wrought iron. As with other additions or improvements, ensure you choose color, style, design, and materials that coordinate with the home’s main elements.
Refresh Garden Beds
Recreate the fresh garden look by weeding, pruning, and adding new mulch. This applies at any time f the year, especially during the winter when the “dead” look can take over a garden.
Keep Up Yard Maintenance
Trim trees, prune shrubs, use a good lawn fertilizer and weed killer, and make sure the lawn is mowed and watered regularly. Keep in mind that lawns often go brown because they have been mowed too often and too short. Raise your mower’s blade to allow the grass to shade itself and not burn out. This will also help choke weeds and create a lush look.
If you have oversized evergreens and bushes that have grown to cover windows at the front of the house, trim them back to open up the view from the curb and to increase the amount of sunlight in interior rooms. Also, trim bushes and trees to prevent obstructing walkways.
Renew Your Driveway
Your driveway is a welcome mat for your visitors. It should be a high priority on your list of repairs if it is cracked, stained or has weeds growing through it. You do not have to invest in a completely new driveway, but renew it using the various products available. Make it look new by sealing a paved driveway, or by raking to level any displacement on a gravel driveway. You can even hire professionals to do these types of repairs with minimal investment, and you can include the receipt in your list of upgrades to give your real estate agent. The investment will probably equal the money and time you would spend doing it yourself.
To further enhance your driveway, you can line it with stone, brick or pavers. Lining is an increasingly popular upgrade, not only for its beauty, but also because it appears to widen the driveway.
William Hawkins is a retired contractor who helped design many of the condo blueprints for Rockville Centre Rentals in New York.