Recruiting Top-Notch Employees

Finding employees who fit the culture of your company and are best qualified to do the job at hand is vital for the success of any organization. Barring the ability to predict the future, we cannot know for sure who will be the best choice in the long run, so the best we can do is utilize strategies that will help us make the best decision in the moment.

Talk to Successful Hires of the Past
A great way to find successful future hires is to talk to past successful hires. What type of person are they, what were they looking for in a company, what is the company offering them that they like? What made them want to work for the company? What type of people are they? This does not mean to look for carbon copies of your current employees but examining them more closely and getting their feedback can be a great way to spot good candidates.
Engage Current Employees in the Recruiting Process
Current employees can be a valuable asset in recruiting new ones. They can help go through resumes, assess qualification and even participate in the interviewing process. Current workers can give valuable input when it comes to determining if a potential hire fits into the culture of the company.
Use Your Website as a Recruiting Tool
The internet is now a major, if not the primary tool for seeking out employment opportunities. Your company website is an ideal place to advertise your company for potential employees. It shows your value, mission, goals, services and products to the world. It is the perfect introduction to your business and a great way to attract candidates interested in working there. Make sure you have a page with all available positions, how to apply and who to contact.
Maximize Your Pool of Candidates
There are lots of great ways to recruit employees that are not limited to walk ins and those responding to online or offline advertisements. Develop relationships with college placement offices and recruiting companies. Staff members participating in industry association events and conferences allows for the possibility of meeting potential future employees. Advertise job opportunities on the websites and publications of professional associations in your field. Be represented at career days and job fairs at colleges and universities in your area.
Hire the ‘’Sure Thing’’
This last tip may not be something everyone agrees with; there are no guarantees when it comes to the hiring process and you cannot fully know how anyone will work out until they actually start the job, but this is one of those tips where it is more likely to work in your favor than not. Many believe that how someone performed in the past is the best predictor of how they will perform in the future. If you have the choice between candidates who pretty much did the same exact job successfully in the past with a company that has a similar culture, and someone that may be successful but requires more training and comes from a different background, it may be the better choice to hire someone who can hit the ground running, even if they are not the candidate that you liked ‘’best.’’

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