Recruitment; Where The Internet Is King

Imagine this; you’ve spent the past few months and hours slaving away at your final year of University, you have been sat in the library for what feels like 10 years revising for exams, written what feels like 2 million words for your dissertation, racked up what feels like £1 million worth of debt, and then graduation day arrives and you receive that piece of paper that proves to employers that you are clever.

Where do you go next? Some people will have aspirations to study further, which is fine, but most will jump on the hamster wheel and start the job hunt.
But where do you look?
In the good old days when you had to wait until tomorrow’s newspaper to find out the world had come to an end, the main ways of job hunting were either looking in the paper itself, getting down to a recruitment office, directly visiting or calling a company or, if you were a bit desperate, chaining yourself to an employer’s front door. All of those methods can still work and are acceptable (except the chaining, that’s generally frowned upon now) but a little invention called the internet has blown the job hunt game wide open.
The internet has spawned a multitude of methods which jobseekers can utilise to not only find jobs, but also research the companies that are hiring and decide whether that is the job they really want. The savviest of jobseekers will search out recruitment websites, offering listings of anything from 10 to 10,000 jobs, and why wouldn’t they? The convenience of being able to upload a CV and have the little men inside the website do all the thinking and matching up for you is something that cannot be ignored. It works both ways too. Companies can give an online recruitment extraordinaire the positions they have available and the ideal candidates can come flooding to them. Recruiting can be a long, tedious process for all involved and online recruitment specialists can help to alleviate this. The internet’s unique ability to connect hundreds of millions of people means that (rightly or wrongly) users are able to pretty much find out anything they want with a few clicks of the button.
Therefore, the next time you need to find that ideal job or are wondering whether the world has come to an end, save yourself the waiting around and get yourself online.
James West shares his interest on recruitment on behalf of Attic Recruitment Limited