Red Bull Office In London: Design With Wings!

On your way to a meeting in the office you might climb a flight of stairs, if you work at the Red Bull offices in London you’re more likely to ride down a slide. That’s right; one way to get between the three floors of awesome is by gigantic slides. The new Red Bull UK offices have been designed to be interactive and adrenaline pumped in order to portray the company’s love of extreme sports. The company behind the design is Jump Studios who could take an ordinary and dull office design from anywhere in the world and transform them into a space employees love to work in. With offices like this, careers at Red Bull would mostly be rewarded with cases of the energy drink and a run around the office. Never has the thought of a marathon around the office been so attractive.

What’s so Special about Red Bull Offices?

Red Bull racing must’ve done well enough, because the budget for the renovations to the office totalled at £1.2 million. Yet the reward to the Red Bull formula is a team of employees that is as pumped as the drink. The office encourages interaction between employees with ingenious designs, a ping-pong meeting room for example! Jobs at Red Bull are highly contested, but the competition only gets started when one is actually working there apparently. Jump Studios are reputed to be capable of creating an interactive artistic and functional office space as well as catering for staff needs and compnay ethos in a their grand design.

Jacked up Design on Juice!

Here’s the breakdown on the Red Bull offices with baseball card stats. Priding itself on a vast array of adrenaline sports, the motto of Red Bull is ‘stimulate body and mind’ and it was with this in mind that Jump Studios transformed the space. The central design idea – an environment that would stimulate Red Bull employees and visitors alike and would manifest the adrenaline and excitement associated with the brand. The three floor office complex includes a recent roof-top extension perfect for roof top work functions and a breath of fresh air; not to mention a great place to grow a set of wings. To ensure movement through the Red Bull HQ, a series of holes were cut into the building to install slides and ‘floating’ staircases. The physical and visual connectivity with the brand is immediately apparent which means Jump Studios have accomplished their mission to Red Bull. Quite an exciting design company you’d do yourself a favour to check them out after securing your latest office space.

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