Refresh Your Mind At Work With These Health Boosting Tips

Sometimes, work can feel like a snail race: your brain is sluggish, and the end of the day seems miles away. We all know too well that “Monday Blues” feeling. Speed up your work day by being switched on around the office, and meet your deadlines head-on.

Go For H20

An enclosed office is a stale environment; especially in the summer, when your work station can become more like a greenhouse. Dehydration directly effects productivity and brain function. Without regular water stops, you could find yourself dried out and tired – you may even experience headaches.

Keep a large bottle of water on your desk at all times and take regular sips. Better yet, have a water break once an hour, and get away from the desk.

Just Keep Moving

8 hours a day, sat at a desk, can really take its toll on your body. Try to get out of your office chair – liaise with colleagues, rather than sending yet another email. Offer to do the coffee rounds.

Perfect Posture

Hunching at your computer will not only make you look like an office camel, but also give you severe back problems. Sit up straight with your shoulders back, and make sure your chair is supporting you properly – if it’s not at the right height, adjust it.

Corporate Yoga

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) can put out an employee for a long time. Make sure you don’t fall foul of the RSI trap, and stretch at your desk. Little stretches, such as your fingers and wrists, go a long way. If any symptoms persist, visit your doctor ASAP. Nuffield Health Careers are recruiting RSI professionals, so patients receive the attention they’re due at Nuffield Health hospitals.

Try stretches for your legs, your back, and your neck. If you’re a bit self-conscious about performing the mountain pose at your desk, link your fingers together and stretch up for your back; roll your head across your chest to loosen up your neck; and straighten out your legs from the heel to stretch out your calves.

Nature Call

What’s your favourite flower? Put a small, potted plant on your desk – it’s proven to lessen fatigue and stress. With so many ugly wires and plugs surrounding you, it’s enough to drive anyone crazy!

A plant brings a little of the outdoors to your desk, and they improve the air quality by lessening air-born pollutants in the big city.

Protect Your Eyes

Staring at a bright screen for hours on end will start to frazzle your eyesight. Take the time to look out through a window, and give your peepers a rest.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Something sugary might be what you crave to give you that extra energy boost. Resist! Unhealthy snacks are more trouble than they’re worth, and can leave you with a mega sugar crash. Choose fruit or foods high in protein to keep you ticking over until home time.

The Importance of Meals

Even if you are trying to cut the calories, never ever skip breakfast. Pack a healthy lunch, and take the time to eat it away from your desk, instead of dribbling tomato soup into your keyboard.

Robert is a professional blogger who loves to write on a variety of health & business related topics.