Reiterating The Importance Of Insurance

With the summer’s festival season now in full swing, thousands of people will be more excited about planning their breaks away than insurance. But before packing their cars and visiting the off-licence to fill the boot with booze they may want to check their policies for their valuables’ protection.

Halifax Home Insurance Survey

According to a new report from Halifax Home Insurance, tens of thousands of festival fanatics are in danger of being left out of pocket as 40% may have to conjure up large sums to replace lost or stolen belongings. The new research has stated that nearly a quarter of us don’t know whether our valuables are insured outside the home. Another point mentioned that 15% of the interviewees confessed that they had no insurance for personal possessions such as smart phones, digital cameras, designer sunglasses- all of which topped the polls on items most commonly stolen or lost at festivals.

Insure Your Gadgets And Goods

It is a common misconception that mobile phones, digital cameras and such are covered in your home insurance policy. However that is not always the case, so it is very important that you read your policy terms and conditions thoroughly before assuming you’re covered whilst you are out of your home.

As more than a quarter of adults and almost half the teenage population are owners of new expensive smart phones, there has never been a more vital time to have insurance. A recent study concerning second-hand mobile phones has also found that their average price has skyrocketed by 68%. This factor will more than likely contribute to an increase in mobile phone thefts this year, providing another reason to insure your phone.  

Insurance on personal valuables can be very flexible, starting from only a few pounds a month and can be taken out on a short or long-term basis. This type of protection may not generally be considered as important as car or home insurance but as the cost and the number of personal valuables people now own is on the rise it is a more than worthwhile investment, and not just for festivals.

If you have checked your policy and your personal possessions are not insured then start researching protection. Online comparison websites like can compare a range of insurance policies for you and also have a range of informative guides surrounding insurance for those who are uncertain or new to insurance.


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