Rejected: Tattoos And Job Interviews

Employment Concerns New Leading Trend in Tattoo Removal

If you have tattoos that you regret getting, you’re not alone. Current research suggests many individuals who have tattoos, especially ones that are visible while clothed, have come to regret their decision. More recently these regrets stem from a fear of rejection after a job interview. With the economy in a state of flux and with jobs harder to come by, employers are seeking out employees with a stellar job performance record, and an impeccably professional look.

Regrets and Covers Ups

The fact is, when people get tattoos, they may not have considered the stigma surrounding tattoos in the US. What seemed like a good idea at the time, can easily become a hindrance in job searches. It’s at that point tattoos become the elephant in the room, and most people aren’t sure what to do about their visible tattoos.

Many people try covering their tattoos with clothing or makeup, but that can become problematic with weather changes. More importantly, covering tattoos doesn’t necessarily solve the underlying problem. Many business owners are biased against tattoos, and the process of hiding one’s appearance can twist a person’s self-image. No matter what, the tattoos are still there–they’re just hidden.

Laser Tattoo Removal is Long Term Solution

Thankfully, today job seekers have laser tattoo removal clinics to help them recover fresh, un-inked skin. This process quickly and easily removes tattoos from virtually any part of the body, and the results last forever. Research suggests that most business owners prefer hiring candidates without visible tattoos, so many job seekers are turning to laser tattoo removal in order to make a better first impression.

Just a Few Appointments Can Help Land a New Job

If you choose laser tattoo removal, it’s important to know that the process may take several sessions in order to completely remove your tattoos. Treatments involve the use of a high-powered laser to break up the ink beneath the skin. Depending on how deep and concentrated the ink is, the laser may need to make several passes; however, because of the intensity of the laser, it’s usually necessary to allow the skin to completely heal from a session before beginning a new one.

Some Colors Harder to Remove

Some colors may be harder to remove than others. Generally, lighter colors, such as reds, pinks and oranges are more difficult to remove, while blacks and blues are easier to remove. Your skin’s pigment may also come into play, as individuals with darker skin may need more removal sessions than those with lighter skin.

Tattoo Removal Stings but Job Rejections Really Hurt

If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal, you’ll first need to contact a dermatologist for a consultation to discuss your options. In some cases, the lasering process may cause mild pain or irritation, but many people claim that the pain is not any worse than the pain of getting the actual tattoo; of course, you should also consider the fact that not getting a job because of your tattoos may be the most painful effect of all.

Peter Wendt is a writer from Central Texas. He enjoys writing lifestyle articles, and blurbs about counter culture. Years ago, he had his tattoos removed so he could launch a new career. If you’re in a similar situation, and researching tattoo removal in Houston he suggest you check out MEDermis Laser Clinic. They guarantee their service, and Peter loves the results.

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  1. Tattoos are an excellent form of self expression. I cover my arms with Ink Armor sleeves from Tat2X: They work great but looking back I wish I had gotten my tattoos further up my arm or on my back where they could be concealed more easily. I would never have them removed because the are a tribute to family members I miss.

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