Relax In Style With A Bath Pillow For A Modern Bathroom Experience

As you enjoy a well deserved soak in your double end bath, it is disagreeable when you find that resting your head can be tricky. Or after installing that waterproof TV in your bathroom, you may have realized that lying back in your standalone bath is not as relaxing as it once seemed. After all, lying back in such a posture does strain one’s neck and back muscles which end up stiffening. What you need is a pillow that will cushion your head and neck and prevent stiffness. Perhaps that’s why bath pillows are now such a rage.

Why bath pillows are necessary

  • Have a more comfortable bathing experience and avoid straining your neck as you lie back
  • Makes your bathroom look more luxurious and well designed
  • Lends a look of completeness to your bath
  • Get the most out of your spa bathroom or suite without  worrying about a sore neck as you watch  mirror TV
  • The new designs and colors can compliment any bathroom and add to its value and appeal

 Leaving aside the comfort factor, bath pillows raise the status of your bathroom by making it more modern and also lavish. You get to have a comfortable time in your bath and it is indeed a small investment, if you’ve just remodeled your bath and want to get the most from your bathtub quality time. It is also much safer to lie on a pillow that rests your head on the bathtub’s rim.

The suite and spa effect

Bath pillows are also being dubbed as spa pillows. The latest designs are easy to clean and can fit easily on rolled top and even back edge baths as well as spas. Once installed, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth. Unlike inflatable pillows, these bath pillows stay in place and have a much longer life and are more durable.

Of course, the shape of your bath affects the type of pillow. Some are fitted on the edge of your tub while other pillows come with suction cups.  

Colors and patterns

Red bath pillows on a white bath are a good play on contrasts especially if you have an industrial décor of grey concrete. Even if the wall behind your bath is having a plain white shade and you have a plain white bath, a hint of color on your bath pillow will add to an interesting effect.

Now you even get bath pillows with patterns on them that can be matched with your bath or shower curtains or the pattern on your bath enclosure doors. More floral patterns are ideally suited for a Victorian look whereas the country look will be brought out better by earthly tones. Contemporary designs should be bolder or in one solid color. You can even get one that matches the shade of your vanity case for a more color coordinated effect. The patterns could even complement those of the walls or floor though traditional white pillows are in no way less better than their colorful counterparts.

Samantha is Interior decorator. She wrote this article as she was amazed after seeing wide varieties of bath pillow at