Remember To Plan For You Outdoor Wedding Properly

An outdoor wedding is always considered romantic. This explains why so many couples will go for this option. Planning for such a wedding is different from a normal indoor wedding. Careful planning is needed in order to make the outdoor event perfect. There are some factors you must know.

Prepare For The Weather

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This is the most problematic issue when it comes to an outdoor wedding. None of us can predict the weather on our wedding day. Your guests will not feel comfortable if it is too hot. Of course it will be even more problematic if it rains.

Yes, it is very true that we cannot predict the weather. There are some precautions we can do. For example, it will probably be hot if you are getting married in June or July. Your guests will need a lot of fluids. As a result, it will be good to prepare a lot of water for your guests. Some kind of sunscreen will also be needed. If it is possible, you can prepare some paper fans for your guests.

On the contrary, it will be cold if you are going to get married in November or December. In this case, you can prepare some outdoor heater. You should also tell your guests bring enough clothes so that they can keep themselves warm.

Get A Tent Or Marquee

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As discussed, the weather can be your enemy of an outdoor wedding. Professional wedding planners usually advise us to say I DO under a tent. It is really a good idea to rent a tent or marquee so that you can protect your guests from bad weather. In this case, the ceremony can still go on smoothly even if it rains.

Arrange A Good Sound System

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Usually, it will be noisier in an outdoor environment. Your guests may not be able to hear you when you are delivering a speech or exchanging the vows. A good sound system is needed. Without any surprise, some special arrangements will be needed. If you are going to hire a wedding DJ, you can ask him or her to arrange the sound system for you. You should also ask about this issue before you decide to rent the venue. The venue should have the experience to arrange for the sound system. They can also help you to solve the problem.

Prepare The Food Carefully

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You need to prepare the foods for your guests. However, it can be a problem if it is hot. You need to tell the caterer that you are going to have an outdoor wedding so that they can prepare for it. Usually, they will put the foods such as the cakes and desserts in the fridges before they are served to your guests. They can also help you to choose a menu which is more suitable for an outdoor event. For example, you may want to prepare more fresh fruits for your summer wedding.

Have A Backup Plan

If it is possible, you should have a backup plan for your outdoor wedding. Again, this is related to the weather. Usually, you can choose a venue which can provide you with both indoor and outdoor spaces at the same time. In case that the weather is very bad, you can move your ceremony or reception to the indoor venue.

With the above ideas, you can make your outdoor wedding to go smoothly. So, be sure that you will consider all the above issues while you are planning for your unique event!

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