Remodel Your Bathroom

If you are considering altering your bathroom, that doesn’t have to mean that you need to think about hiring a professional company to come and do all of the work. Instead, as long as you have a good basic understanding of DIY in general, it will be entirely possible to do the job by yourself. However, you will be required to do some research before you get started.

How much work you do will depend on your budget and ability, as changing the floor, putting up new tiles, and perhaps changing bathroom cabinets all counts as remodeling. However, changing the shower unit or bath will require knowledge about plumbing as well as the electrics and with this you should not take any chances.

Surface Level Renovation Ideas

If you are unsure about the plumbing aspect and are quite happy with the layout of the bathroom, you may wish to carry out what is known as surface level remodeling. Basically, this means that you leave the overall structure of the room, including layout and pipes, and instead look at changing it in ways that require a lower general knowledge of DIY.

If this is the approach you wish to take, you can look at installing pre-fabricated shower units that allow you to change the sides and base without altering the plumbing. With the other main items in the bathroom you should also find it quite simple to change the toilet as long as you keep it in the same area as the waste pipe and water supply will only have to be reconnected, which is easy enough to do.

Aside from these two things, it is quite common, and easy from a DIY point of view, to do things such as change tiles, alter the floor, or even put in different lights in order to help give the room an entirely new look. For flooring, look at using laminate or special tiles designed specifically for the bathroom, and then make sure you measure and cut accurately to prevent gaps due to the fact water can get between them and work away on the floor. For tiles, make sure that the grout is suitable for the moisture that will be hitting it and seal everything with mold and mildew resistant sealant to prevent water from working down the side of the bath, shower, or sink and causing long term problems.

The Serious Jobs That You May Be Required to Do

If you are going for a complete overhaul, then when you get the old items out, you will need to check the bathroom thoroughly for dampness or a buildup of moisture. This may lead to having to change drywall, but do also check floor joists especially in the area around the previous bath or shower due to the potential for leaks having been present.

The moisture part is important as you must make sure that anything you replace is able to withstand damp conditions or you will be giving yourself more work in the future. This means that if you are replacing drywall, you should look at a product known as “green board” and if it is for the shower area, you will require a board specifically designed for that purpose.

Think of where the new items are going and how this may alter the electrics and existing plumbing. It does of course make sense to try to put things back in roughly the same position as this will cut down on your workload and it is often easier if it is simply a case of reconnecting old wires and pipes rather than installing an entirely new system.

Preparation is Vital

Careful planning on not only the job itself, but everything that you require to complete it is essential as is being honest with yourself as to how much you are capable of doing. Do make sure that you are able to finish the job before you even begin and if you are changing the full suite, have numbers for electricians or plumbing services ready in case you do something wrong at the vital moment. Make a checklist of every part, every tool, the order in which the work has to be tackled, and then score them off as you go as this will lower the chances of making a mistake that could prove to be disastrous.

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, the extent to which you change things can depend upon your own DIY ability. If you are only confident in making minor changes, it is easy enough to change the floor, alter lighting, and repair any damage. But if you are more confident, then completely changing the bathroom suite is not out of the question. Be honest in your ability and if unsure about any aspect, consult an expert who will then make sure that everything has been installed correctly and is safe to use.

Endre R. is a home improvement specialist with a keen interest in house remodeling. He is also guest blogger and freelance writer for companies in the home improvement business, such as Fischer Plumbing, a company providing Seattle plumbing services.