ReMoving Man Boobs: Why Diet Alone Won’t Help Remove It

Many men believe that suffering from man boobs is mostly associated with fat deposits growing in a man’s breast area. So, they instantly think that going on a diet may be the best solution. But this is actually a false assumption, when man boobs or gynecomastia is more of a fat problem, as medical science suggest. Some men may benefit from going on a diet, but in most cases, a more drastic solution may be needed to completely remove man boobs.

For men dealing with this syndrome, it should be important to distinguish what the actual problem is, as there are two types. Gynecomastia occurs when the there is an imbalance of the hormones in the body and the glandular tissues in the chest area become enlarged. Pseudo-gynecomastia, on the other hand, is the actual problem that deals with being overweight and obese. This is when muscles in the chest area turn to fat. Hence, man boobs develop.
If you’re a man with the syndrome, you have to know which one is really affecting you.
Gynecomastia is quite complex and facts surrounding the condition still remain mysterious to many medical professionals. But its development is believed to be caused by one or more of these factors:

  • Medical related. Sometimes prescription drugs influence the development of man boobs. If you have an underlying condition and are taking medications for it, this is likely to develop over time.
  • Abuse of illegal substance. Use of drugs, like marijuana and heroin, and even anabolic steroids that are illegally taken, have been linked to the development of the condition. In some cases, the use of alcohol and caffeine in high amounts may also lead to gynecomastia development.
  • Distruption of hormones using chemicals. Teflon and BPA or Bisphenol A are said to cause huge hormone disruptions in the body and therefore, lead to gynecomastia. These are present in meats, daily and livestock that are commercially sold. Many experts believe that eating high amounts of it is bad for the body.

This is perhaps the reason why it is necessary to make diet changes to combat gynecomastia development. Some men switch to a more wholistic diet and pick out organic foods, lean meat, vegetables and fruits to help with their condition, and then supplement this with regular exercises and weight training.
But more than that, if you have real gynecomastia, seeing a doctor will help determine what really is the underlying cause of your condition and what can be done about it. Changing the diet only reduces part of the problem in this case, but if the real cause is not cured, the condition will not change.
Gynecomastia, if left untreated, may cause real complications in the long run. On the first instance that you suspect you have it, don’t hesitate to have this checked by a doctor immediately.
There are many treatments and procudures to removing gynecomastia. Learn more about the condition to be better guided about how to manage this at