Renovate Your Traditional Home To A Sleek One By Hiring Expert Professionals At GDC Construction

Home is a place where you can experience true comfort in the whole world. Your home can be a traditional one with an age-old façade or a contemporary one, but it remains beautiful for you forever. However, with changing times, it is likely that you may also desire some renovation of your home so that it can become a sleek one like the others. If you are a resident of San Diego County in California, you must have already heard the name of the reputed GDC Construction well-known for their expertise in renovation and other services. With more than 100 years in this business, the company needs no introduction and best to hire for renovating your sweet home at the most competitive pricing.

This is important as although you must be brimming with do-it-yourself ideas of renovating your home, believe it that renovation a home is not a child’s play and need a certain level of expertise and a sense of design that comes only with experience. The company was founded in the late 1920s by Ernest Dewhurst. He was a British migrant and started constructing elegant homes in the then small town of La Jolla of San Diego. The business then got passed successfully to the future generations and has built a reputation which remains unshakable till date. The passion for creating something new and satisfying the clients has remained the same.

Services offered by GDC Construction

Apart from renovation, some of the other services offered by the century old construction company are related to preconstruction, construction and pre-construction. These services are as follows:

  • Construction planning
  • Structural engineering
  • Soils engineering
  • Site surveying
  • Interior design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Price estimation
  • Value engineering
  • On –site supervision
  • Cost control
  • Annual roof cleaning

Trusted by the community of San Diego and of its surrounding area, the professionals at GDC Construction are known for their transparency and beautiful craftsmanship at work.  They recommend the best architect and even end up as constructing a new pool area in your traditional home to make it look extremely contemporary. Be it installing a new HVAC system or a new custom kitchen that will make you feel your home has all modern amenities and you are no longer living in an age-old constructed home, these professionals have proved their mettle in every task of renovation and renovate your home effortlessly.

The best thing is these people are not just plain constructors or builders with no creative mind. In fact, these professionals have always managed to surprise and exceed the expectations of their clients over the years. It is guaranteed that once hired, you will get from these professionals a cool and sophisticated home that will surely impress you and your friends. It has been also the preferred one in La Jolla region and has been recently voted as the best contractor by a local newspaper reader’s poll! So, just hurry up and hire expert professionals at GDC Construction.