Repairing A Leaky Roof

Take Necessary Precautions

Repairing a roof can be dangerous, so you should be aware of some things before starting roof repair on your own.

-Always use a safety harness

-The roof should be completely dry because a wet roof is slippery

-If the roof is too steep, use a ladder framework for better support

-Wear shoes with a rubber bottom

-Be cautious of where power lines are

Repairing a Shingle Roof

Most of the time shingles that are broken are an easy fix, but you must first diagnose the problem.  Wherever you have marked a leak in your ceiling is where you need to look for a damaged shingle.  It will either be curled or the shingle will be completely missing.  Also, you need to check every point where two surfaces meet, such as the area around a chimney, to see if there are any cracks I the roof.  If you cannot find a problem yourself, call a professional roofer.

Repairing a Curled Shingle

If it something you can fix, like curled shingles, they can be attached with asphalt roof cement.  During warm weather the shingle can easily be flattened, but in cold weather the shingle must be softened.  To soften the shingle, you need to use a propane torch with a flame-spreader nozzle and spray the shingle.  It should get hot enough to flatten, but not hot enough to create a fire.  Once you have flattened the shingle, place a good amount of cement onto each corner of the shingle and press it down against the roof with a lot of pressure.

Replacing a Damaged Shingle

Shingles that can be lifted right off the roof are rotten and need to be replaces.  If there are more than a few shingles that need to be replaced, it is best to get a whole new roof.  To replace a damaged shingle, you should first find a match or one that looks almost like the others, and then remove the rotten shingle.  To do this, start by prying out the nail and removing any excess cement.  Next, slide the new shingle into place and round out the back corners using a knife, and then carefully place it between the surrounding shingles.   Then lift the corners of the other shingles, so that you can nail the new shingle into place.  Be sure to use 6d galvanized roofing nails, so that it will stay in place correctly.

B. Jonee writes about home improvement and recommends KFS Texas for roof repair