Revamping Your Living Room? Go For Green!

The living room is often the part of the house in which the owner can pour out most of his/her creative ideas – from the color combinations of the couch and the walls, to the curtains and the flooring, as well as the decorations and other furniture. It is also among the most visited areas in the house as it is usually where the family gathers for special occasions, plus it’s where visitors are received and accommodated. Given all the aforesaid reasons, it is therefore understandable why a lot of homeowners feel the need to regularly revamp or re-do the look of their living room.

Revamping the living room can be quite fun and exciting because apart from having the opportunity to keep up with the current home styling trends, one can also change the look and feel of the room according to his/her predilection. What many people don’t realize is that it can also be an avenue to improve the comfort level of the place, making it a healthier and cozier lounge for family and friends. If you are considering to re-do the look of your living room, then it’s about time that you set your goals past the aesthetics.

Unfortunately, not all people understand the importance of making the living room (or other parts of the house for that matter) eco-friendly. What benefits can be reaped when you make your house as environmentally safe as possible? Here are a few of them:

  • Your household contributes less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
  • Your household’s energy consumption is minimized; hence your utility bill is also reduced.

In what ways can you tweak your living room so that it becomes eco-friendly? Also, how can you do a revamp without adding to existing environmental wastes? If you are not sure of the answers, then your best bet is to look at the following suggestions:

1. Reuse and recycle

Of course, this principle has long existed and is barely foreign to most people. Putting up old decors or creatively tweaking them so that they look differently is a great way to modify the look of your living room. Instead of buying a new couch, you can have your current one re-upholstered so that it looks new. This is also a great way to reduce the volume of wastes thrown in landfills which was reported to increase significantly over the years due to rampant home remodeling.

2. Give more way for natural light

Among the many huge contributors to the power consumption of your home is electrical lighting. By allowing more natural light into your room with the use of drapes and lampshades, you can reduce the amount of artificial light that your household utilizes. For instance, if you wish to make your room to appear brighter, lighter materials like silk or linen will facilitate the penetration of light. Dimmer lighting can also be achieved by going for thicker materials such as velvet or twill. Meanwhile, going for lighter lampshades during the warmer seasons will help cool down the feel of the room whereas darker shades during colder seasons will give off warmth. Insulated drapes also reduce heat loss during winter, facilitating the efficiency of your heating system.

3. Do away with carpet flooring

Over the years, carpets have been found to have a couple of health and environmental hazards due to their ability to collect dust, dirt, allergens, and may even transmit VOCs. In lieu of carpets, cork can be a good material for flooring since it resembles hardwood but is significantly cheaper.

4. Replace old appliances

Old appliances generally have lower energy efficiency than the latest models. Buying a LCD television can save you a lot of money from utility bills compared to your old tv model, so this one-time investment can be worth your money in the long run. Aside from having an excuse to shop for new appliances, you also get the chance to reduce your household’s carbon footprint, as well as make a cut back on your electricity expenses.

5. Heating and cooling systems maintenance

You may have employed all the other techniques to reduce energy consumption and be as eco-friendly as possible, but if your heating and cooling systems are poorly maintained, you are still wasting a good deal of energy on what should have been an energy-efficient appliance. Make sure that you regularly have your air conditioners or your heaters serviced, as keeping your systems in tip top shape is essential in promoting energy efficiency.

Revamping your living room wisely can start by having a firm grasp of what eco-awareness is all about. Not only will you be saving money by following these aforesaid tips, but you will be saving the environment as well. Remember, the choices you make today determine a great deal not only of your future, but your family’s as well.

Determined to raise more awareness on eco-friendly techniques in home improvement, Jeri uses her skills and passion in writing to disseminate useful information. If you are based in new orleans and are looking for the best technician services in air conditioning new orleans can offer, you may also seek her advice.