Review Of A Weekend In Sri Lanka

sri lanka

While the winter sends shivers down our spine quite literally, we are all just looking for some sun in these cold days. Mentally always planning a vacation, I simply cannot blame you. After all, the year is going to end and another year (with 16 long weekends) is going to arrive very soon. And aren’t we just glad we will get so many weekends to plan that perfect getaway! 

Where should one go, you ask? What better place than Sri Lanka! It has the hills, the beaches and the best temples in the world. And one must never forget the Yoho Bed venture that allows for easy browsing for hotels according to your budget. Now planning a weekend trip is actually as much fun as going for one. We have brought together a list of things you can do once in Sri Lanka! 

Monument sighting 

Gal Vihara: A group of beautiful Buddha paintings, this monument marks the best of Sinhalese rock carvings. They’re a part of Parakramabahu I’s monastery. This monument consists of four images, all cut out of the same slab of granite. The 7-m tall standing Buddha is said to be the finest of the series and is definitely worth a visit on your trip to Sri Lanka

Temple visit 

Abhayagiri Dagoba: Dating back to the first century BC, this huge Dagoba was the traditional focus of the 5000-strong Abhayagiri Monastery. It is one of the greatest structures in the old world and is compared to the pyramids of Giza in scale. The structure, even after numerous constructions, soars approximately 75 metres above forest floor.


To enjoy the beautiful beaches of this paradise country, one must check out Mount Lavinia beach where the views from the terrace of the hotel are simply mesmerising. One can sit peacefully near the gushing sea, while the sun hides behind the waves. The sunset is the most beautiful part of the day when you’re around the sea. You can watch the hues change as the sun moves down and the night falls on the beach. 


Sri Lanka nightlife is known for its exuberance and excitement. Roulette rolling, great bands, live music, delicious food, cafes, themed pubs, and the ever-so-wonderful crowd can be the best experience you’ve ever had. The best thing is that in this part of the world you won’t be doing anything illegal if you decide to gamble!