Review Of The New Chrysler 200 For 2012

Currently Chrysler is facing some fierce competition, with foreign car brands such as BMW, Volvo, and VW eating into their market. So how have they reacted and how will they cope with rival manufacturers stealing shares in North American car sales?  Well, the Chrysler 200 could just be the answer – read on for a review of this new car on the block including what it will bring to the United States automotive market.
The design of the Chrysler 200 has not changed much since 2010 and is in effect a re-worked version of the old Sebring model. Having said that, simply calling it “re-worked” probably does not really do it justice as the Chrysler 200 has some unique features that set it apart from the Sebring so it should really be viewed as an entirely new car.

Chrysler has managed to create a mid-sized car that looks stylish and sophisticated due to the sleek silhouette and elegant feel.  The Chrysler 200 looks and feels like quality, and could finally rival the upscale German brands that tend to dominate the target market.
Includes the New Chrysler Navigation System
The interior of the Chrysler 200 deserves praise too as it is very comfortable with all the bells and whistles you should want in a new car.  One thing to pay particular attention to is the new and improved Chrysler Navigation System.  This is fully integrated GPS into the dashboard which not only tells you where to go reliably and accurately, but also combines with Bluetooth to let you make hands free calls on your smart phone.  The Chrysler Navigation System display also doubles up as a rear view camera which helps the driver to reverse into tight spaces without the fear of any bumps or scratches.
Retractable Hard Top for Convertible Mode
It also comes with a retractable hard top which has a rich lining inside and a beautiful finish throughout. Once closed it works just like a fixed roof, neutralizing the wind and rain while providing enough headroom to 90% of passengers, front and rear.  If you are over six foot two though, you might struggle with the head room so make sure you test drive a model with the roof up and not just in convertible mode.  When you switch to convertible mode, the hardtop disappears into the trunk in about 30 seconds. It’s a very smooth operation and all you need to do is press a button.  There is no need to pull on any cumbersome latch handles like on rival models – it’s simply one button to push.
There are some negative aspects to the 2012 Chrysler – for example visibility is adequate at best. Obviously you need to expect such sacrifices when driving a convertible so it’s hard to be too critical – and in truth, once you get the Chrysler 200 out on the open road you will probably tend to forgive such indiscretions.
Should Help Chrysler Sales
Overall the Chrysler 200 is a great addition to their portfolio, and should give new BMW, Volvo, VW, and Mercedes-Benz models a run for their money. Whether it is enough to increase the market share in North America is another matter though.
Author Bio: Rob Gethen is an automotive blogger who writes guest posts for GPS Bites.  GPS Bites currently have some voucher codes giving drivers money off Chrysler Navigation System Updates – you can access those here: