Rich & Famous Stars With Cheap Cars

As expected, many famous people drive cars that correspond with their million dollar paychecks. There are, however, a surprising amount of big stars that drive relatively modest cars for their means. Some rich and famous people are even opting to be environmentally conscious by driving cars that are good for the planet.
It is even possible that some stars locate their vehicles at websites such as & in order to get a good deal. Let’s take a look at some of the surprising car choices made by the big names in the entertainment industry.

Stars and their cheap cars
Bad boy of Hollywood, Colin Farrell drives a black Ford Bronco, while Justin Timberlake has been seen tooling around in both a Volkswagen and a Jeep Wrangler. Jeremy Piven is also a Ford Bronco fan and probably has enough room for his entourage. One of the oddest choices of cars is the two-seater electric Tango 600 driven by George Clooney. Presumably he only needs room for his date, so there is no need for extra space.
The Toyota Prius is perennially popular with stars that have made a firm commitment to the environment. The fact that it’s cheap to run is obviously a bonus. Some of the stars driving this car include Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts, America Ferrera and Kirsten Dunst. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, who after the Titanic movie was probably the biggest movie star in the world, is driving for the cause and owns his own Toyota Prius. A few other famous Toyota Prius owners include Cameron Diaz, along with Mandy Moore, Owen Wilson, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston. While these stars are all happy with their gas saving hybrid car, Shia Labeouf doesn’t mind driving around in his gas-guzzling Ford F-150 pickup truck.
Old time shock rocker, Alice Cooper drives a Honda NSX and presumably without his stage makeup. The Chevrolet Impala is one of several cars owned by rapper, 50 cent. Ben Affleck drives a Dodge RAM with plenty of room for his ever-expanding family. It may be of historical interest that Bonnie and Clyde drove a Ford V8, although Ford may not want to be associated with the famous outlaws. Prince William’s bride, Kate Middleton drove a Volkswagen Golf before her marriage.
Deciding what kind of car to drive is certainly an individual choice, but many people drive the cars they do simply because they cannot afford a more expensive vehicle. This is why it is so surprising that so many big stars drive cars that are affordable even by regular folks. Maybe some stars have never forgotten their roots or maybe they are simply too cheap to buy anything else. Even Barbra Streisand reportedly goes shopping with coupons, so it is hardly surprising that some stars buy their cars because they are so affordable.
It is also possible that not everyone in Hollywood wants to live an ostentatious lifestyle and constantly draw attention to themselves. Whatever the case, it is certainly refreshing to see that not everyone who is famous drives a Maserati.
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