Right Time For Your Child To Learn Swimming At Missouri

By now, many of us are already aware of the fact that children have the ability to swim right from the day of their birth. But with time they start forgetting and as they grow up, guidance becomes necessary to master the art of floating. It is not always possible to decide the right age for your child to learn swimming because they can be trained from 6 months onward. But then again you can even let you child grow up and decide whether he or she is ready to take up swimming as a regular form of exercise.

However, you need to remember the fact that if you are allowing your child to play in an area that has water bodies, there are always chances of finding him or her having fun splashing water with other friends. The fear of drowning will definitely grab you. According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1999 to 2010, nearly 14,000 Americans age 19 and younger drowned and 40% of them are children. Now, if you do not want that incident to occur, then train your child properly and make them learn the basics of swimming. However, it has been found in the recent study that a number of parents have realized the importance and enrolled children in swim club that have actually reduced the accidental drowning cases to a large extend.

For Babies above 6 Months

Even before coming to this world, the children are comfortable in fluid because they have been living in one for nearly 9 months. There are many parents who prefer to give birth in water, rather than in a hospital setup for this very reason. So, if you are thinking of the right age, then 6 months will be perfect to introduce your child to any swimming pool at Missouri. The lessons comprise of core aquatic skills and the toddler learns balance, streamlining and buoyancy. Some swim schools use buoyancy aids and some do not use such support that further enhances the confidence level in water. It is not even necessary to wait for 6 months because your baby can be taught swimming from 4 months itself.

For Children above 2 Years

Usually, babies above 6 months are under the strict guidance of parents, who decide everything. The parents need to understand comfort zone of the child and decide whether they should be allowed to swim or not. But children above the age of 2 began developing their cognitive skills. They have their sense of fear and fun. You cannot force a child of this age to take up swimming, if he or she is afraid of water. Hence, you need to get rid of that aqua fear. Make them understand that water is an element that can be dealt easily, only if he or she can swim. You can take them to beach and have some fun moments splashing water and that will gradually reduce the fear. They will get the confidence to join a swimming club.

There are many parents who prefer to take up classes with their children and many swimming schools offer such courses. This helps in developing a strong bond between the child and the mother or father. This will encourage the child to beat fear and learn tactics along with you. Most importantly, don’t forget to appreciate the achievements of learning new skills because that will help your children to learn fast. It is also crucial for the parent to understand the right posture to hold a toddler in water and keep them safe.

Right time to swim can be decided by you or by the child himself or herself because this is one exercise that can be taken up at any age. The flexibility rate is undoubtedly more as a kid but that does not restrict learning the skill even at the age of 13 or 14. If you have a pool at your home, make swimming more interesting with animal shape floats, rings and other floating toys. Do not force them, if they are crying or afraid to step into water up to their waist. Assure your support at the pool and try your best to make them feel comfortable at water.