Risks of Performance-Enhancing Supplements for Men

A muscular man holding a bowl of muesli standing in front of his supplements

There many supplements that can help improve sexual performance among men. Although these products can be quite enticing for men, there could be possible health risks associated with them. As an example, we may find multiple synthetic medical compounds. Some of these compounds could mimic the behavior or male sex hormones. They could be originally used to help boys who suffer from delayed pubertal developments. They could also be to help people with AIDS, cancer and other debilitating diseases. When used appropriately, these compounds could deliver positive impacts in our lives.

Bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts may use hormone-like substances bulk up, instead of gaining medical benefits. However, by consuming these compounds regularly, we could run the risk of our sexual and overall health. During weight-lifting activity, we will suffer from microscopic tears in our muscles tissue. This can happen when we perform intense physical activities. Tears and other damages in our muscles can be repaired if we have enough testosterone in our body. After the muscle tissue is repaired, the overall mass will increase slightly. This situation is ideal for people who want to progressively gain well-toned body structure.

It may take considerable amount of time to build well structured body. The process can be made faster by using performance-enhancing supplement. With regular consumption of these synthetic compounds, it is possible for people to bulk up much faster. It is clear that testosterone have significant parts in the development of penis and other sexual factors in teenagers. However, adults may attempt to enlarge the size of their penises by consuming testosterone regularly. This is an unnatural way of having testosterone in our body and there could be health problems that may happen.

We should also be aware that constant consumption of testosterone among athletes can give them unfair advantages. Also, the abuse of these synthetic materials could have an effect in their overall health. There are different side effects that can happen when we regularly take testosterone supplements. They could have jaundice, liver problems, hypertension, reduced glucose tolerance, thyroid problems, increased level of bad cholesterol, emotional problems and hair loss. In general, there is no real evidence that the size of penis can be caused by increased intake of testosterone.

In fact, performance-enhancing supplements could cause the shrinkage of testicle. Long-term usages of these supplements could also have an impact on the production of sperm. It is true that the sexual desire tends to be higher, but not all the expected goals are achieved. So, it is clear that improper usage of medication and supplements can be quite dangerous. In general, we should avoid using any performance-enhancing supplement. Healthy diet, enough rest and proper exercise could improve our overall stamina and health in a much safer way.

Reversing damages to our body due to excessive consumption of supplement can be quite difficult. We should also be wary of other products, such as cream that is claimed to enlarge the size of penis and improve the overall performance.