Road Trip To 3 Best Places Of Europe

Europe’s magical landscapes, scenic beauty, anticipated locations and enchanted paths are amongst one of the best things to experience in life. Self driven expeditions are the best way to encounter any European country. The roads of Europe look like they are given a hand crafted shape for people to witness its appeal. Let’s see some of the best roads of the world and Europe.

  • Transfăgărășan Road, Romania:

    Topping in almost all World’s Best Roads, is the Transfagarasan Road of Romania. Starting from Curtea de Argeș, a city in Romania, this road goes up to the tallest Transylvanian Alps. These Romanian mountains play low and rise till the end offering a panoramic vista to your eyes.  The snake-curves add drama to this road and the asphalt black color augments the pulchritude of the road. The Transfagarasan Road follows the alluring Arges River, passes by the charming cities of Sibiu and Pitesti and passes through the terrifying tunnels. There are many local bars and restaurants on the way and the people of the passing towns help you with directional information. This road makes any self driven trip a formidable one. You would also find, on the way, the very famous and historical Castle Poeneri; also known as the Dracula’s Castle. 

  • Atlantic Road, Norway:

    A five mile long stretch of the road straight in the sea is this breathtaking road of Norwegian construction. It is more than dramatically shaped and calls for danger signs. Though it is not really that dangerous; one need to be prepared for the rises and lows.When this road was constructed, they had a toll booth; however that was removed after the money was raised to pay off the building loan. Atlantic road looks stupefying with sharp turns and wild ups and downs. This road connects to the awesome Norway Fjords Molde and Kristiansund. On the way one might get glimpses of whales and seals. One passes through eight bridges that connect to small islands. Storms are common here and if one gets to witness it, the experience will only get better. This road is the most pictured road and has featured in many travel channels.

  • Col de Turini, France:

    The renowned Col de Turini is located one mile above sea level on the mountain pass of Alps in France. The road from an aerial view looks like many long stretched hairpins been fixed to the mountains. The journey on this road can start from Sospel, the small village who claims fame for being the start point of the World Rally Championships. Passing through alleys and gentle streets, Sospel will bring in many pubs and restaurants for tourists and locals. The road has some of the best awe-inspiring views with river on the back and forest on the side to witness. Mercantour National Park is another attraction that this road will lead one to. Travelling the Col de Turini road is a daunting experience with lots of adventure.

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