There was a time when people fantasized different things considering them impossible to happen, like the invention of smart phones which totally changed the way of communication. With this revolution, many mobile phone applications were introduced to make the use of a smart phone an interesting one. However, the recent transformation of technology has made people to experience all the fantasies in their real world. Such an unbelievable sort of technology is augmented reality.

Augmented reality applications have revolutionized the way of living by changing the world around us. It is the form of technology which not only provides its users with entertainment but also gives them useful information. Using a smart phone, one can easily download these applications and enjoy the unbelievable experience of reality overlaid by digitization. Many organizations and business owners have adopted the use of this technology not only as advertising tactics but also to provide their customers with ease at all levels. It is being used for better education, shopping for different items, finding a good restaurant etc. Along with these fields of life, it has helped airport authorities to systematize the functioning of airlines in a better way.

There was a time in the past, when people had to face the difficulty while buying tickets or in search of a reliable airline service. Passengers had to face problems either related to the provision of good quality food or with the poor air hostess-customer relations while traveling. Not only the passengers but also the airport authorities faced so much trouble to manage a comfortable flight for a number of passengers traveling all around the world every single day. In today’s time, everything can be well organized with the help of technology. To overcome such complications, airport staff is now incorporating augmented reality technology for the provision of ease not only to the airport management but also to the travelers in a way that with the help of which you can enable the scheduling of flights and ticketing system using a mobile phone application. ROAR is a platform that facilitates passengers to have a look at the provision of services of that place they are going to travel to. Like if passengers scan their boarding passes, they could get access to flight info, meals, seating etc.

ROAR platform not only benefits the airport authority and passengers, but also the retailers who are serving at airports. They can offer different discount packages using this app so that it could become a good source of increasing their income. It can be foreseen that the use of augmented reality application will increase very rapidly and in the near future, every single person will be using it for the enhancement and growth of their business by gaining a good number of customers and also the general public will get assistance in their routine life from this amazing technology.

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