Rock Stars Get Plastic Surgery Too

Celebrities age like everyone else, but they try to nip and tuck away the sagging, wrinkles, and imperfections long before the public can really take notice. Even rock stars get plastic surgery, but in a discreet way. It’s a hush-hush kind of vanity, and these days, no one is singing the blues. If you need a tweak, there’s a surgeon for that.


Plastic surgery is huge in Hollywood, because the talents we see on the silver screen and the broadway stage, on our favorite televison shows, and beyond, are not allowed to get wrinkles and age spots. We expect our stars to stay young and hot, and these days, beauty science has exploded. There are fantastic fillers and face-lifts, and everything in between. And celebrities, like our rock stars, have tremendous resources to look and play the part. Times have changed when all one needed for admiration was an incredible set of vocals, like Janis Joplin. One didn’t have to also be glamorous or sexy.

Ozzy Osbourne

Today, there’s a sizable list of rock stars who have submitted to the scalpel to stop the aging process. Perhaps the legend himself, Ozzy Osbourne, said it best to an interviewer with London’s Sun in 2008, when he admitted to plastic surgery and enjoying the results: “It boosted my esteem to no end.” By the way, Ozzy supposedly had his nose altered and underwent a facelift. Other rock stars who have rocked a little plastic surgery include these:

Courtney Love

The Hole singer has been very upfront about her trail of cosmetic surgeries, including nose jobs, lip jobs, breast work, and facial improvements. She stated some four years ago, that she was through with the alterations. “No more surgeries.”

Gene Simmons

The KISS frontman wasn’t shy about trying to bring back those glory days. Gene and wife Shannon underwent his and her facelifts in 2007, and documented the procedure on their reality TV show.

Pete Burns

The former Dead or Alive singer, famous for, ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),’ has become the poster-boy for bad rock ‘n roll plastic surgery. The singer is unrecognizable, following years of cosmetic work. His lips alone, have garned much attention. Burns agreed to be in a UK documentary called, ‘Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Nightmare.’

And More

Other rock stars who have allegedly done a little tweaking are Paul McCartney, Axl Rose, Vince Neal, and Steven Tyler. Sheryl Crow has allegedly gone under the knife but denied any facial work at age 47. “I’ve never spent a lot of time in front of a mirror,” she said. “As far as I know I look like I’m 24.” Rock on.
Peter Wendt is writer and musician living in Texas. His writing has been featured on websites around the globe. When he isn’t writing, he is contemplating his wrinkles and thinking about visiting The American Institute for Plastic Surgery in Dallas.