Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

So you are looking to pop the question and just can’t decide where and when the perfect time is. You want the experience to me memorable for both of you and so want to find that special location, have perfect timing and whilst doing something that you both enjoy. Not easy I know, hopefully my ideas below will help you plan the perfect wedding proposal which will ensure when you propose to your girl and give her your engagement ring that she accepts your proposal.

 Propose at the Work Place

Making a wedding proposal to your girlfriend at her place of work can really be exciting and pleasurable to both of you. However, before you propose to her at her place of work, it is very important for you consider the nature of her work as well as the working environment. So as to avoid any form of embarrassment, you should ask for an official permission from her boss first before giving her the pleasant surprise.

To make the proposal more surprising, make sure that it remains a secret between you, her boss, and her workmates until the actual time of making the proposal. To make her happier, bring for her a special engagement ring made of either gold or diamond. After making the proposal at her place of work, you can add more romance by taking her out for dinner or a drink at a luxurious restaurant.

Make the Proposal at a Karaoke Night

Making a wedding proposal to your girlfriend at a karaoke night is also a very romantic idea. You can ask your close relatives, her friends, and your friends to join you in making the surprise proposal. Whether to make it simple or comical entirely depends on you. While others are busy enjoying themselves, you can take to the stage in the pretext of going for a performance. Instead of singing or dancing to the song being played, ask the DJ to stop playing the music so that you can make a special announcement.

To deliver the special message in a more romantic way, call your girlfriend to join you on stage and make the proposal in front of everyone. The best way to make the proposal is to kneel down and give her the engagement ring after which you can dance together to a special love song. This will not only show how romantic you are, but will also prove to her your seriousness and sincerity.

Propose on a Picnic

Making a wedding proposal while you are out on a picnic can really put a big smile on your lover’s face. There are many convenient locations that you can take your girlfriend on a picnic including the Glenkiln Sculpture Park, Barton Farm Country Park, Westonbirt Arboretum Park, Pollock Country Park, Verulamium Park, Orwell Country Park, Etham Palace and Gardens, Old Wardur Castle, and Wrest Park. Remember to carry with you a very beautifully designed blanket, digital camera, portable radio, and a nice meal. The best time to make your proposal is after eating.

Prepare a Homecooked Gourmet

Set a particular day for preparing a special meal at home before inviting your sweetheart over. Do not prepare an ordinary meal that she is used to taking. Pick you cookbook and choose a very unique recipe for the day. Apart from serving the main dish, you should also provide an appetiser and dessert. Remember to include a bottle of wine. Make the proposal when you are taking the dessert. To make it more romantic, you can dip the engagement ring inside her wine glass before giving her any clue. Once she finds out about the ring while drinking her wine, go to your knees and make the proposal.

Propose on the Plane

The idea of making a proposal on the plane is very unique and thrilling. You will not only surprise your sweetheart, but you will also receive applause from fellow travellers. To make it more exciting, make prior arrangements with the pilot and the flight attendants. You can choose to make the proposal at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the flight.

Your wedding proposal can be at home, on a night out, in front of friends and family or a private affair, there are no rules. It is a case of what feels right when you are looking to ask your girl to marry you, the main thing is that she says yes when you get down on one knee and pull out that special engagement ring. By putting some thought into the place and time you ask her to marry you it shows how deeply you love her and makes the experience one you can both cherish for a lifetime.

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