Rosettes For Decorative Purposes

Rosettes made out of ribbons originated between the 8th and 9th century and many different specimens have been found to this day. During those days, it appears that rosettes were used more as an emblem of sacrifice or decoration, and they portrayed images of the planets and moons along the typical rays of the rosettes themselves. The main material used at that time was bronze, which was the latest invention of the time and shows the importance of rosettes during that time. Since then, rosettes have been made in a variety of materials, including metal, lace, wool and cotton.

Other uses for the Rosettes during this period of time include decorative, especially on shoes and as a mark of distinction, to be worn proudly. This second attribute seems to be quite similar to how rosettes are viewed in today’s world. The significance of a rosette when manufacturing it appears to take the form of depicting a kind of flower, such as a carnation or rose, which are highly regarded as flowers of distinction. They could also contain some kind of floral ornament. One line of thought dictates that the award shows the flower in all its glory, whilst also outlining the leaves emanating from the flower to show the continuance or birth of something new.

How to make Rosettes

To make ribbon Rosettes, one would need a centreboard, usually made from thick paper, a backboard, again using thick paper and pleated ribbon, fastenings, such as a bridle clip or safety pin and ribbon tails. Rosette layers are pleated by using a ribbon and fixed to the backboard to make the head of the ribbon rosette. The tails are then cut to resemble swallow tails and the fastenings are then used to attach them to the head through the use of the centreboard, which has been pre-printed in advance.

Apart from their use on humans in events and presentations, Rosettes are also widely used in animal shows, such as horses, dogs, cats and cattle. They are presented as a mark of distinction and pride to the animals showing most elegance, stature and pose and carry a huge significance to the owner. They are also used in political parties, where candidates are distinguished by wearing them in public meetings or events and also by football supporters to show their undying support to their favourite teams. Most football trophies are also decorated with the rosette as a sign of elegance.

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