Ruben Hausing And Tetra Pak

Just like most products, we take the packaging they come in for granted. We give no thought to what went into designing them, producing them and the health factors involved in creating material for them. Tetra Pak was one of the first companies to give serious consideration to complete packaging solutions.

Tetra Pak

In 1943 development on finding a packaging for milk that required less material than the existing bottles, and material that was hygienic. After many years of research Ruben Rausing and Erik Wallenberg discover tetrahedral and uncover the successful properties of applying it to packaging. Ruben decided to back the idea but a production machine was required. Harry Jarund designed a machine that changed the industry and turned Tetra Pak into the huge success it still is today.

Tetra Pak was started as a subsidiary to Akerlund & Rausing and in December 1951 the company was presented to the world as the business that was going to revolutionise the packaging industry, which it did. Tetrahedron-shaped cartons were launched in 1952 and packaging of cream cartons began the same year. As cream was the first product to be used in cartons the packaging became standard in Sweden and before long a plastic coating called Polyethelene was used to coat the paperboard. Tetra Pak machines were then transported far and wide. The company became an international sensation with its successful packaging solutions. Before long Tetra Pak moved to bigger premises in Lund, Sweden to accommodate the orders and to this day it still operates from the same place.

The company understands the need for moving with the times and they encourage people to recycle all Tetra Pak products. Even then, Ruben Rausing’s vision continues to grow, to this day. In May 2011 Tetra Pak designed a new package that is consumer and environmentally friendly. The Tetra Evero Aseptic milk bottle has been well received across the globe.

Just when one thought that Tetra Pak had exhausted all possible packaging and product design solutions they recently came up with a package for cheese producers. The Tetra Tebel Blockformer has promised cheese manufacturers that the packaging will reduce costs, improve environmental performance and minimise loss.

Founded over 60 years ago, Tetra Pak owes it success to Ruben Rausing and his ability as a venture capitalist to spot a winner when he sees one. The multi-billion dollar empire operates in more than 170 countries and employs a wealth of staff. From six staff in the 1950’s to 22,000 in 2012, Tetra Pak is going to be around for a long time.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who was researching for office space Toronto when she came across news on Tetra Pak.