Rug and Carpet Care- What You Should Know

It is not a very unusual sight to find a beautiful home decorated with rugs and carpets. But what is also of note is how they appear over the course of time. A new carpet, just purchased from a dealer, would no doubt add that much needed shine and vigor to your household. The challenge lies in maintaining the same look. This is where the importance of rug and carpet care comes in to play.

The different types 
When you look at the concept of rug and carpet care, you would realize that despite some common parts in the concept, there are differences in application in accordance with the kind of rug or carpet you own. So you need to look in to finer details for the same. As an example, some of the various types of rugs available and used are stated below:

  • Persian rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Afghan rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Chinese rugs
  • Handmade rugs
  • Silk rugs

Every type of rug mentioned above has a different kind of making and construct in itself. Hence, it is simple common sense that each of them would need a different kind of approach for cleaning and maintenance. The same could be said for different kinds of carpets too. And especially in a place like New York, there are weather conditions that vary and hence, care and maintenance become even more important. You could learn about the different types of rugs and their cleaning methods by referring to ABC Rug and Carpet Care where these details are elaborated.

Things to remember 
You could choose to clean and maintain your rugs and carpets on your own. Alternatively, you could always opt for a professional cleaning service provider. The advantage of hiring a professional is that they are very well aware of the different types of rugs and carpets and they are capable of administering the corresponding procedure to perfection. Errors or mistakes that are common when an amateur is at work are not ever found in the hands of a professional. So they do provide a guaranty without even stating it explicitly.

However, it is also advisable to check their credentials well. Ensure that they carry a good reputation built over the years. Check their homepage to understand how well they are versed with different kinds of rugs and carpets and their cleaning concepts. And if possible, find some of the people who had hired their services for a reference to how good they had been with their work.

Even when you hire them, it is still advisable that some level of basic cleaning is done by you on your own as it is not possible to hire a professional every week multiple times. Some level of effort on your part would even help them to do a better job when they are at work. Following are a few simple tips provided for you to follow to keep that shiny and graceful look in tact:

  • Always use doormats and other such objects to ensure least amount of dirt and mud are carried inside the house.
  • Vacuum a minimum once a week throughout the house as well as the carpets and rugs.
  • Ensure you only use chemicals to clean your rugs and carpets that are safe to use. Consult the professional contractor for the same.
  • Though some carpets are claimed to be stain resistant, none are stain proof. So if you ever notice any stain on them, act immediately to clean them up.

You could find more details and cleaning services at ABC Rug and Carpet Care.