Rugs & Carpets – How To Choose The Perfect Home Décor

Often when looking for the perfect home décor options, you may get confused as to whether to buy a rug or a carpet. Both offer the same usage but have different appeal and styles. On the one hand, rugs offer greater functionality as foot rugs, table décor and on the other, carpets are basically used for floor covering and providing a theme to the room.

However, both rugs and carpets have their own advantages and limitations.So be sure about these while looking for a perfect item for home décor. There are a number of Indian rug manufacturers offering different types of rugs to customers based on needs and budget. The following reasons will help you to decide whether to go for a rug or choose a carpet for your decoration options:

  1. The basic: Rugs are made using cotton, wool, hemp and jute and are perfect for covering smaller areas such as table tops and beds. Carpets are also made from the same material as rugs but these can be used for providing good flooring to the house and keeping it safe for the toddlers to walk.
  1. Style: Rugs come in different styles depending on the purpose including shaggy rugs that can be used along bed, sofa or as foot rugs. Rugs usually have a more artistic look in terms of style and patterns. Carpets on the other hand have intricate patterns which may have geometrical designs in the center or have a contemporary style to offer.
  1. Area: Rugs help to cover a small area along with providing it a stylish look.These are smaller in size and can be easily moved from one place to another. Carpets require a wider area for use and provide comfortable foot space to the entire room and are preferred when one wants to cover the entire drawing-room area. Always be sure about the area that you want to cover and have proper measurements of the room.
  1. Maintenance: Carpets occupy a considerable space of the house and require a blow-dry cleaning or a heavy wash and sometimes can require professionals for cleaning the liquid stains. Rugs have an added advantage owing to their small size and can be easily managed with a simple wash and dry method.

If you are looking to give the best décor to your house then always rely on trustworthy Indian rug manufacturers to get the best rug for your home. Many online stores such as Rita International provide the best carpet and rugs to the customers. Rita International is one of the renowned shaggy carpets suppliers.

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