RV Rental Guide: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Hit The Road

Recreational vehicles are the perfect means of transportation for anyone who seeks adventure on the road. With the RV industry experiencing a significant boom, (around 8.5% of American households owns one), getting your own RV or simply renting one has become a lot easier. However, before you decide to rent an RV, there are 10 things you need to know in advance.

  1. RVs come in different sizes and types.

There are 3 main classes of RVs: class A, B, & C. Each class has features that are different from the others. Before anything else, make sure that the RV you choose can give you the important things you need like comfort, privacy, and security. For example, a class A RV can sleep up to 10 people, but also has very poor fuel economy. On the other hand, a class B RV is much more fuel efficient but has much less in the way of amenities. Make sure you understand how the different types of RVs operate before investing in buying or renting one.

  1. Each individual’s needs matter.

Each passenger who’s with you on the trip will have different interests and needs. Make sure you consider them beforehand to help eliminate issues which could occur during the trip. Have everyone write down things they would like to have in an RV to make their trip enjoyable, and also make sure to accommodate any health needs that may require more frequent stops.

  1. You need a driver’s license to drive an RV.

Most states will require a standard driver’s license before you can drive any type of RV. Make sure you have yours with you at all times to avoid any unwanted stops while on the road.  Also make sure to have your vehicle registration information, as this will be important if you stop at any campgrounds for the night.

  1. Getting good insurance coverage is important.

Getting yourself comprehensive auto insurance coverage is always a good idea, as unexpected accidents might happen. In most cases, your rented RV will be automatically covered if you already have an existing auto insurance policy.

  1. Rvs are harder to drive than a regular vehicle.

If you haven’t tried driving an RV before, make sure you practice a few maneuvers before you get on the open road. Driving an RV is slightly different and harder than regular vehicles. Some drivers are more confident than others, and practicing beforehand will go a long way in ensuring that you have a great and safe experience while driving.

  1. There are one-way rentals available.

Nowadays, you can find RV rental companies that offer one-way rental services. If you love camping but don’t want to deal with driving and moving to the next location, one-way rentals will allow you to save a lot of your precious vacation time.

  1. Alternative transportation is really convenient.

An alternative source of transportation for day trips is ideal depending on the length of your trip. Bringing alternative transportation such as bicycles or a small car will allow you to travel freely, especially on short trips.

  1. Plan your route in advance.

Make sure your research road conditions to avoid getting stuck in traffic for long periods of time. You also may consider using a GPS application on your phone to constantly update you about traffic and weather conditions.

  1. Book your camping destination in advance.

Booking a campsite in advance will guarantee you a place to stay for the night. Don’t forget to research the best campgrounds in your destination in advance.

  1. Most RVs come with a range of rental kits.

Depending on the RV rental company, you can also rent different kits for your daily needs like kitchen and vehicle supply kits. Renting these kits will allow you to save a lot of space and travel more conveniently and more cost-efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Taking on adventures on the road with an RV makes for an exciting vacation for your family or friends. Moreover, renting an RV will make it an economical experience as well. Rent your own recreational vehicle and you’re guaranteed to have a great time on your next road trip.

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