Safety First!

Your life could depend on Lifesystems.
One bite from an infected mosquito is all it takes for malaria to strike – and up to 2,000 travellers every year return back home with some form of the disease.
It can be fatal if allowed to go untreated – nine people on average a year die in Britain from an infected mosquito bite – so it goes without saying that prevention is obviously the far better option than relying on a cure.
Healthcare on holiday should never be taken for granted. Plan well ahead of travelling to countries where malaria is a risk, seek medical advice before you go, and take anti-malaria tablets before, during and after your visit.
Protecting Adventurers and Explorers
Lifesystems have been protecting adventurers and explorers against disease – and helping them cope with accidents – for more than 20 years.
Their first aid kits accompany travellers to far-flung destinations all over the world, and their insect repellent sprays and mosquito netting is paramount for those travelling to tropical climes.
Lifesystems Expedition 100+ gives maximum protection in a DEET-based spray, applied directly onto the skin or clothing. 100% DEET repellent offers up to ten hours’ protection against mosquitoes…its chemical smell alone is enough to deter most flying insects.
Expedition 50+ is a less potent alternative for travellers to countries where there is a reduced risk of contracting the disease.

Poison Works its Way into Your Bloodstream
The most severe form of malaria is Plasmodium Falciparum; left untreated, it is usually fatal as the mosquito’s poison works its way into your bloodstream.

And it’s not just mosquitoes that pose a threat to unwary travellers. Gnats, horseflies, midges, fleas and ticks also lie in wait for those without protection – along with the deadly sandfly, which bears the terrible Leishmaniasis disease and can be found as close to home as the Spanish mainland.
Initially preying on household pets in hot climates, the sandfly is especially dangerous between sunset and sunrise – and can spread to humans with devastating consequences.
DEET is the most effective spray-on deterrent available. Based on Diethyl-metatoluamide, it was developed by the US Army during exercises in jungle warfare in World War II.
Lifesystems have long been renowned for their involvement in intensive scientific research – every product has been designed in conjunction with medical experts and tested at the London School of Tropical Medicine.

  • If you’re travelling to an area where there is any risk of malaria, always sleep under mosquito netting that has been impregnated with insecticide. Lifestystems have a comprehensive range of compact single and double nets available.
  • Remember, DEET is powerful stuff – NEVER apply it directly onto synthetic clothing as it can melt the fabric. Only use on cotton and wool – and NEVER use on a child or baby.
  • First aid kits will take up little space in your travel bag – but again, could help save your life in case of accident.

Nicki Williams is a content writer for Gear-Zone, where you’ll find a complete selection of outdoor and travel equipment from Lifesystems, Lifeventure, Rab, Berghaus and The North Face
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