Safety Rules for Night Driving

Unless night driving becomes unavoidable, most of us wouldn’t go for one. It is more of a headache than pleasure for so many reasons. But the most important reason behind its ill reputation is the danger that comes at each passing moment. When the sun goes down and it gets dark, you have nothing else to see but the flashing lights coming from the opposite direction. All you are left to do is frantically saving your vehicle from a collision for miles together which is tiresome and annoying.

So here are few tips for night driving shared by the Burlington Hyundai dealer to remain safe while driving in the dark.

Aiming the Headlights

The first rule of safe driving is to make the oncoming drivers feel comfortable so that they don’t come and dash you. All it takes is pointing the headlights perfectly on the road that should focus more on the road and not blind the oncoming traffic.

Wear Anti-Glare Glasses

Even if you have a good eyesight, anti-glare glasses are a must-have tool that would remove half of the burden when you drive in the dark. Make sure you have a pair on whenever there is a driving scheduled at night.

Don’t Stare at Oncoming Lights

This is a trick that you have to master whenever you are driving at night. You should never stare at the blinding lights appearing constantly before your eyes from the oncoming traffic. Lower your sight towards the road and ignore the sparkling lights at every cost. This is more than a necessary trick, as the constant sparkling light would create a negative image in your eyes and would have hallucinating effect leading to serious accidents.

Keep the Exterior Mirrors Clean and Adjusted

Hazy mirrors reflect wider lights from the cars that are coming behind you. They appear in a diffused manner that can make your eyes feel uncomfortable and illusory effects. So, keeping the rear mirrors clean is mandatory to ensure a safe driving experience at night.

Then comes aiming the exterior mirrors to such an angle so that you feel it easy to move your head beyond of the path of reflected lights yet be able to see the scene behind. It is better to aim these mirrors slightly downward. That way, one can see the cars behind just by tipping the head slightly on the front side. At the same time, it is important for you to keep the high beam headlights of the other cars out of your eyesight preventing the blinding lights attack you.

As told by the Burlington Hyundai dealership, one more thing to remember while driving in the night is to switch the inner rear-view mirror to the Night mode or Auto Dim setting, which will darken the mirror surface to tone down the glaring effect.

Stay Awake

The final challenge of night driving is remaining awake avoiding the inevitable drowsiness that comes because of the overstrain of the eyes and the monotonous drive without any change in the passing scenarios.

Keep the infotainment system on, play some rhythmic music to keep your nerves alert and cut short on the boredom. Do not take up too much of a hard work to end the journey ignoring the dangers. It is better to have a longer but safer journey than cutting in short at the stake of your life. Keep taking intervals, sip on hot beverages and if your eyes are too tired to stay open, take a small nap by parking your vehicle at a safe place or taking a night halt in a hotel.

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