Sales Prices of Automobiles increases in U.S

General Motors (GM) has put up an 11 percent ascend in prices in its May 2012 sales. They rose to nearly 245,256 units while controlling higher prices. The retail sale for GM rose to 4 percent while that of fleet vehicles rose to 3 percent. According to website, the average transaction of auto manufacturer rose to $33,140 per vehicle. This price increase happened to be the second largest increase in U.S after Hyundai-Kia automobiles, which has risen to 9 percent. According to, General Motors and Hyundai have dropped their incentives to nearly 4 percent. These two were the only automakers to reduce bonuses in U.S. The vice president of General Motors, Don Johnson, stated that they want to maintain good price for their vehicles through meeting their products with continuing demands.

GM has also increased the sales price of pick-up trucks. Chevrolet Silverado and Tahoe raised its sale to 22 percent while suburban sales ascended to 15 percent.  Johnson narrated that the small business owners assisted in propelling sales of pick-up trucks. GM Sierra, along with Tahoe and Silverado helped in a total of 19 percent increase in sale. GM Buick and Enclave had an increase of 19 percent and 55 percent, respectively. Out of many reasons for this growth in sales, offering free maintenance to owners, OnStar security systems and satellite radio also helped in gaining the effective rise in sales.