Salman Promises ‘Bigg Boss 11’ To Be Full Entertainment Package

Salman Promises 'Bigg Boss 11' To Be Full Entertainment Package

Bollywood most popular superstar Salman Khan, who is returning as the host of upcoming season of “Bigg Boss 11”, says the debatable reality show will be a full entertainment package.Salman Khan Said that this show again become the most popular show all over the world specially in india,Pak and many other counries.

The Basic theme of the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 11 will revolve around neighbours also.

“We all have neighbours of each kind and each hue. a number of us have rattling remembrance of them and a few people might not have so sensible ones,” Salman Khan same in an extremely statement.

Remember “Bigg Boss’ is the only reality show that the country expect with bated breath along with my movies; and also like every year, I’m also inspire to welcome the new contestants that are playing important role into the Bigg Boss house. The basic theme of Bigg Boss is ‘Gharwale and Padosis’ is very bracing and Bigg Boss season 11 have a full entertainment package coming up for all the viewers,” he added.

The show was launched on Colors Tv channel on Tuesday. It will start from Oct 1st and will be aired on Colors TV channel only.

Actor Param Singh says That he does cerebration to keep himself quiet and positive.

“I started with cerebration very early in my life which has helped me a lot which i can’t explain, mostly to keep up with the daily madness that bombards us from all ways. It kept me in my best spirit and I don’t feel unsafe to anything,” Param said in a statement which he gives to a media team.

However, it’s also interesting to seen as how would superstar Salman khan and the makers of Bigg Boss save themselves from here for more detail about Bigg Boss 11 and other Indian serial please visit our site TuAashiqui.Com.

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