Sample A Slice Or Two of Americana

Whether you’re planning to spend a few days checking out the awesome sights in New York City or you intend to enjoy a week or two on the beaches of California, you can be sure of a warm welcome in the United States. There is so much to see and do in America, so you need to make sure you set aside enough time to take it all in. Wherever your destination happens to be, you should make every effort to soak up some true Americana.
The USA is home to perhaps the best-known culture in the world, and there are a great many iconic activities and locations which are worthy of your attention. Here are four ways to get a slice of the American dream.

Take yourself out to a ball game
Baseball is more than just a sport in the US, it’s something approaching a national obsession. Any tourist should take the time to see a ball game, even if it’s just a local high school event. And if you get the opportunity to see a Major League Baseball game involving, say, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox or the Cleveland Indians, so much the better. Tickets can be bought in advance on the Internet, so there’s no need to leave things to the last minute.
Dine at a diner
There are always plenty of restaurants to choose from when you’re in America, from family-run establishments to major chains. However, the best way to learn about the country’s love affair with food is to visit a traditional diner. There’s nothing quite like ordering a burger and fries while sitting in a booth surrounded by chrome and glass. If you’re from Europe, you may be surprised at the size of the portions, so be careful not to over-order.
Buy a hot dog in the street
In many of the big cities, most notably in New York, there are vast numbers of street vendors offering delicious hot dogs to the general public. They’re inexpensive and available in a moment, and if you want to eat like the Americans do, you need to order it with onions, and to ask for a generous serving of mustard and ketchup on top.
Take in a movie
America gave the gift of cinema to the world, and even though the Golden Age of Hollywood is a distant memory this nation’s movie studios are still producing masterpieces year after year. If there’s a drive-in movie theatre close to where you’re staying, book some tickets and head to the popcorn counter.
David Showell lives in the UK and has visited the USA on several occasions. He works for