Samsung Galaxy Note 4 An Amazing Gadget

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 An Amazing Gadget

Samsung Galaxy Note series is growing every year as Samsung adds a new member every year. The top leader of the series is Galaxy Note 4 which is now world wide available.

Galaxy Note 4 is running Android 4.4.4 KitKat with firm shell TouchWiz. Appearance of the system, as well as most of its functionality is unchanged compared to the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S7. However, Note still got some important innovations in terms of software, for example, compared with the previous generation improved with two applications at the same time due to the greater customizability position of windows on the screen, as well as updated software that is responsible for the operation of the stylus, to ensure better recognition accuracy and touch the place of the applied force.

Galaxy Note 4 has received a major update application S Health, which, in addition to counting steps and heart rate, were training, measurement of stress levels, blood oxygen saturation and ultra-violet radiation. On the one hand this functionality may seem excessive for a smartphone and more suitable for devices of category wearable electronics, but probably will a little more to look after themselves and keep statistics. On the one hand fun to try, on the other – it does not take much time. Another important improvement is touch Recorder. Through the use of three microphones there were several people recording modes, such as interviews.

The Galaxy Note 4 smartphone also has an excellent set of preinstalled applications like Flipboard, Evernote, Bookmate and several others. In addition, there is a section of the gift of content, where users can get free access to the paid services, applications, and other bonuses as a thank you for choosing Note 4. It turns out that out of the box device is so well equipped with applications that many users may not be necessary to seek additional software after purchase.

Built-in stylus is one of the most important functions of a ruler Galaxy Note. Interfaces of mobile operating systems and applications have become a finger and for most purposes are no longer necessary to use additional tools, but the pen Samsung is not without cause. The first suggests its use for drawings, sketches and handwritten notes, but in reality it has much broader functionality. The fact that programmers of Samsung have fully optimized the operating system for the use with a stylus.

It is necessary to remove the S Pen from the tray, the screen will display a context menu for note-taking tool for a snapshot of the screen with the ability to add to it a picture or text, as well as the function of cutting fragments. Last interesting in that it allows you to collect a virtual stack of images and text, so that later you can use them in other applications. For example, a user to save a stack of clippings of interest and places them in Evernote. With a stylus, this process turns out very convenient because it minimizes switching between applications and allows you to select content with greater accuracy than using a finger.

The innovations would not end here; we have lot more to discover after the Galaxy S6 release or Samsung Galaxy S7 in later 2015.