Expandable memory in Samsung Galaxy S7 is a feature to be appreciated. The need for enough storage capacity for applications and various downloads can be met by taking advantage of the 200 GB micro SD card that can be supported by this gadget. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a RAM of 32 GB. This space is more enough for some of it users but the video funs and ever downloading users, this space may be filled in no time. This is one of the reasons that prompted Samsung to make a comeback with external storage. Galaxy S8 is the next smartphone in the series.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has best camera that allow you catch, record and enjoy every bit of precious moments in life. High technology that is involved in the manufacture of this camera is amazing. Samsung Galaxy S7 and its partner Galaxy Edge have the best if not the only dual pixel technology for a mobile phone. Fast autofocus feature is a trend that is emerging in mobile phone industry and Samsung is not left behind in utilizing this technology.

The locking of fast moving target for picture, video or both is quite convincing because the quality you get there after is exceptional and you will be satisfied with the image quality. Most phone users have tried to record or take pictures in dark places and the result have been devastating, Samsung Galaxy S7 gives you that chance to redo that again, thanks to its advanced  Low-light sensor that now enable recording and snap shooting at dimly light places and even at night.

Every complicated and sophisticated system needs to have adequate supply of energy to power its operations. Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery life is encouraging. Fast wireless charging is great in saving you time by charging 4000mAh Battery in less time as compared to other phones currently available in the market. The technology and battery software used includes some features for extending the battery`s life automatically turning to power saving mode after sensing phone`s inactivity for a while. iPhone 8 would be the next tough competitor for the galaxy s7.

Water Resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 feature is a technology that the manufacturer has decided to stick to and modify in every Galaxy S series phone they launch. No need for a quick impulse when the phone accidentally drops in a glass of milk or even in a water tab because no water will get entry into it.