Samsung Galaxy S7: New To The world

Samsung Galaxy Series become the most popular among all the android smartphone fans, and no doubt Samsung Galaxy Series defines the success story of the Samsung, in the last 5 years, we saw the six flagships, out of which Galaxy S6 is latest and Samsung Galaxy S7 the device of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

With the new launched Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung has proved its best in the market and its future success with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The criticized plastic body is no more part of the Galaxy series and the Samsung Galaxy S6 body and structure could reflect it. Moreover, Samsung has improved the application S Health dedicated to caring for our health, now in new version. The application uses the pedometer incorporating Galaxy S6 to measure our steps and, new, also uses the heartbeat sensor to record our heart rate. Indeed the Galaxy S6 incorporates a heart rate sensor near the rear flash that works by placing your finger over it, illuminating a light for a few seconds and measuring changes caused by the circulation of blood to circulate. Since the measurement period is short (about eight seconds), we’ve noticed a lot of variability in the results despite careful when placing the finger correctly. Furthermore, it is only possible to measure the heart rate at rest but not during an exercise given the difficulty of supporting finger and hold it still for several seconds, making it useful.

Samsung has included again S Voice, the personal assistant type “Siri” that responds to voice commands, personally we find very useful to use voice assistant, whether it be S Voice, Siri or otherwise. But the better voice assistant in the Samsung Galaxy S7 could be another impressive innovation of the Samsung. Well, another application is found Smart Remote, showing the TV program schedule, provides recommendations on television and allows you to remotely manage a TV thanks to the infrared emitter that incorporates. For the system to be effective it is necessary to initially respond to questions about the user’s location and preferences television and television set. Group Play is an application that we saw in the Galaxy S4 and content sharing with several phones simultaneously. Group Play is the application has evolved and now allows you to share images, documents, and music, video and even record video clips in a group. Also you can buy new applications and games that take advantage of this functionality in the Store. Recently, the Galaxy S6 incorporates video recording group. Whoever takes the role of Manager can view all cameras during recording and after, as well as edit and combine the best sequences.

This is the new innovation and praising, everyone would love the Samsung Galaxy S6, as it would be released in April, but story would be on next level, as Samsung Galaxy S7 announcement would be done.