Samsung Galaxy S7 With New Design and Approach

If you are following all the latest news of the #thenextgalaxy launch then you must know, Samsung Galaxy S6 images has been leaked and it looks similar to the S5 but many changes have been made for example, metal instead of plastic, thickness, weight and display etc. And the next to next Galaxy phone the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be special as it could have special display.

In the previous galaxy phones, for example mainly the screen occupies the front part of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the side frames are quite narrow. Above the screen is the Samsung logo, the speaker to the ear, the front camera, generous LED notification and the usual proximity sensors, light and gestures. At the bottom is the physical button Top and side buttons capacitive Recent Applications and Back, which are illuminated. The same you could notice in the Galaxy S6. Although many manufacturers are opting for virtual buttons on the screen itself, Samsung is betting on physical or capacitive buttons. This may be because Samsung has incorporated a fingerprint reader on the Start button, so the space was going to also occupy. You can say the nice approach. On the back we find the plastic back cover, which as usual in the Galaxy phones can be removed to access the battery. Also inside the phone found the micro-SIM slot and micro-SD. But in the Galaxy S7 and S6 there would be no removable back cover and it helps Samsung to reduce the compactness of the phone.

At the top of the lid is the main chamber, which protrudes slightly from the surface. Although glass that protects the camera seems slightly sunken, we dare to say that no risk of scratching if it relies mouth down frequently. Below is the flash chamber and, with it, the heartbeat sensor and the same is present at the back cover of Samsung Galaxy S6 but the back cover of Samsung Galaxy S7 could be curve as new design approach could be followed. In the center of the phone is stamped Samsung logo on the bottom and find the speaker, small in size. The speaker position is not the best and that being the incumbent phone over the sound is muffled. But with the latest design shows that there could be the stereo speakers. And this would be the great move.

On the right side of the new design Galaxy S7, you can expect to find the power button, which is very convenient to reach with the thumb when holding the phone in hand. Other phone choose to place it on top, but with these screen sizes is difficult tighten. On the left side we find the volume button, one-piece, which is easy to handle. At the top we find the infrared emitter to control a TV or other device, or the headphone jack. And the good thing is, Samsung has already followed this in the past Galaxy S5, so no experiment needed for the perfection.