Samsung Galaxy S9: The Amazing Specifications Are Satisfying

Samsung Galaxy S9: The Amazing Specifications Are Satisfying

Considerable emphasis in the field of data protection and user information, Samsung has done serious job in the Samsung Galaxy S8 by proving a usual fingerprint scanner, and a face scanner, or iris scanner. However, it is easy to cheat using elemental images. The feedbacks has been given to Samsung, and we are sure Samsung is going to bring not a fix but also kind of other security specifications in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Talking about, iris scanner there’s something more serious. Near the camera is an infrared scanner of the eye, which in theory should work at any time of the day. However, in bright sunlight scanner sometimes it makes mistakes, and in the dark for a long time determines that the retina. You may also experience problems if you go to the glasses. At a certain angle the sun can leave a glare on the glasses and the scanner will not recognize you. About sunglasses and I did keep quiet; they have a smartphone exactly know. You can’t rate Samsung down here, as next job from the Samsung will not be interesting but also be safer. Yes, we are mention about the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In Galaxy S8, another scanner is located near the camera, but near the main. Since the physical key “Home” is missing in the S8, the fingerprint reader placed near the camera. It is located not very good, but you can get used to it. The first couple of days you will be confused with the camera, but then it will pass. However, even when you get used to its location, you will still be from time to time to hang the camera the finger. So before you take a photo, make sure that the camera lens was clean. Scanner itself works fast, and determines the finger at any angle, no claims to it. Overall, it is a decent configuration but still you will find something is missing, and will love to know if Samsung fixes in the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

This year, Samsung went back to the practice of releasing two versions of its flagship on different processors. Samsung flagship for the former CIS countries, equipped S8 with a processor Exynos. Although it is worth noting that this is a good thing, and Samsung Exynos 8895 – a first processor built on 10-nanometer process technology for other countries. This has a positive effect on productivity and battery. The similar trend will be the part of the next Samsung Galaxy S9; having said the two-processor variant will exist next year for the S9.

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