Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Interesting Android Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Interesting Android Tab

Samsung has vivid range of Android devices, ranging from mid size smartphones to the king size tablets, and one more series that Samsung is going to include is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 series.

In the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 you could expect several changes and applications that will come pre installed. For example, in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 the company also has included a number of applications, both belonging to third parties, that no space unless we decide to install them in most cases. This is a great success because it would not occupy valuable storage space. In short, if you’re looking for a high-end Android tablet, the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 will not disappoint as it has an excellent screen, a powerful hardware and a broad ecosystem of applications. Unfortunately it is not waterproof, so if this feature is important, you should consider the Xperia Tablet Z2. And don’t expect that Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would be waterproof.

If the Android platform is not required, the iPad Air is still a great alternative to Samsung high-end tablets, consider as many iOS apps offer optimized for tablet versions. No doubt, present generation iPad works with fluidity. And same performance you could expect from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, but not at the same level as there would be mid range performance solution processor to carry all basic and mid range tasks, where as iPad could go to another level.

As said, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have Excellent AMOLED screen 10.5″ with great pixel density, high brightness, high contrast, deep blacks and vivid colors, High performance in demanding applications and games thanks to a powerful hardware, Interesting features to increase user productivity (multi-screen, toolbox, etc.), Useful for professional users as Hancom Office, Cisco WebEx or Remote PC Software, Free gifts in the form of payment services (Dropbox and Evernote etc.). Also, presence of a fingerprint reader to unlock the device is interesting aspect that would be the part of Tab 5 too. Other features that you can expect are higher battery life from the previous Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

But there are few things that is not pleasing even in the Samsung’s recent tablet Galaxy Tab S as it comes with plastic construction with abundant elements in gold, and uncomfortable to handle because the vertical position of the buttons on the side, UX Magazine presents limitations in the available sources of information, and can not be deleted. So, Samsung needs work here, even Samsung should think about improving the reliability of fingerprint reader and waterproof characteristics of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. So, let’s wait for the final products as it would be taking few months from now, but now the journey is not far, also in meanwhile we would hear about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 too.