Santa Monica Pier’s 2012 Twilight Concert Series Kicks Off

Donavon Frankenreiter Will Open the Santa Monica Pier’s 2012 Twilight Concert Series

Sporting what can only be called an epic mustache, Hawaii-based Donaon Frankenreiter writes and plays his own brand of folk-infused beach music. With an infectious warmth in his voice and a sense for pop, he will kick off the 2012 Twilight Concert Series at Santa Monica’s Pier with a breezy note.

Frankenreiter began surfing as a teen, where he eventually ended up sponsored by the Australia-based clothing company Billabong, which is still known today for its surfwear and accessories. Frankenreiter started playing in a band when he was 18, and has since then produced five solo studio albums. In 2004, he opened for his good friend Jack Johnson, and quickly gained popularity.

His smooth beach sound will open at the Twilight Concert Series, where fans can expect his signature quick-witted humor and surf grooves mixed with folk and 70’s rock.

Santa Monica, a popular destination for beach-lovers and surfers, is close to major cities Malibu, Venice Beach, and Beverly Hills, and has been home to the concert series for years. Locals and visitors who rent vacation homes in Santa Monica can lounge on pristine beaches, tour the surrounding towns, eat at beach-front restaurants, and then go out at night to attend the Twilight Concert Series every week from July 5 to September 6. The lure of beachfront music seems to be irresistible to the tens of thousands who will attend.

Santa Monica boasts choice surfing year-round, something that Frankenreiter will surely take advantage of during his visit.

Donavon’s music is sure to delight the suntanned concertgoers with its blissful, swaying melodies. He realizes that there is a relationship between music and surfing: “Each one is also ever-changing. Every night is always different, from the audience to the vibe,” he said. To him, “music is sort of the soundtrack to the images of surfing.”

The Twilight Concert Series is nearing thirty years as an established and well-loved annual-tradition in Santa Monica. In the midst of a national tour, Frankenreiter will play the first free show on July 5, where tens of thousands of locals and music-lovers from around the country will rent Santa Monica vacation homes just to attend the 10-concert series.

Accenting the varied music that will be played is the sound of the ocean waves at night, a pleasant mix for a great evening. With a set described by the San Juan Capistano as “smooth as a wave curl,” Frankenreiter is the perfect artist to kick off the summer celebration of music.

Maybe he’ll even sign a fake mustache for you.

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