Save On Groceries With Meal Replacement Shakes

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or merely to save time and simplify your diet, choosing your meals wisely is a great first step on the pathway to success. However, with the rising cost of fresh produce combined with its seasonal availability, it’s getting harder and harder to eat healthy on a budget. This is where protein-rich meal replacement shakes come in, helping you keep your nutrition up to par without breaking the bank.

Breaking it Down
Sure, if you want to save money on your food budget while dining out, there’s always the local fast food joint with its so-called extra value meals for 1 to 2 dollars a pop, but think about what you’re really getting for your money. What if you found out a way to eat not only healthily but cheaply, for a mere 4 dollars? It’s difficult enough to eat out for that little, but even more so to find something healthy in that price range. Typically, with today’s economy and mass-produced, hormone and filler-injected foods, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of assuming low cost equals low quality. Yet, many meal replacement shakes buck this preconceived notion and are roughly 4 dollars a day or less.
Before you go wobbling your head at the idea of prograde protein shakes instead of plates of food, think about the logistics. Not only do these save time, they also save you money. Lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables are all great sources of nutrients and vitamins but their prices keep going up due to inflation. Plus, since the average paycheck hasn’t increased enough to counteract this price surge, it’s taking a bigger chunk out of your budget every month just to keep eating the same foods. In short, it’s costing you more just to stay healthy.
Revamp Your Body and Budget
Meal replacement shakes are comprised of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals the body needs daily, along with complex carbohydrates and protein to sustain hunger and keep muscles and bones strong. There are many protein-rich formulas on the market, and choosing the best protein shake for your lifestyle and dietary needs is imperative. Meal replacement plans for athletic muscle support tend to use whey protein or a soy/whey blend, while meal replacement shakes for lactose intolerant people will just use soy protein. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, choose a shake with high protein and check the label to make sure there are no milk or egg derivatives present.
Naturally, no matter how wholesome and nutritionally sound a meal replacement shake is, it’s still no excuse to stop eating whole foods altogether. Even the big name diet plans that use meal replacement shakes only recommend substituting shakes for two meals along with a healthy homemade meal every day. When used in conjunction with a sensible and healthy diet, these shakes can help you accomplish a lot for very little cost, giving your diet, your wallet and ultimately, your confidence an extra boost.   
Katie Hewatt is a personal trainer and contributing author for the meal replacement experts at Prograde, whose shakes are made with 35 grams of pharmaceutical grade whey protein. Prograde’s meal replacement shakes contain 8 grams of fiber that will keep you full and satisfied