Saving Money While Redecorating Your Home

When it comes to redecorating your home you do not need to save for years or break the bank. There are a few small changes that can produce big results and completely change the look and feel of a room. Not only are these inexpensive, but they are something you could do in a weekend’s time. For instance, if you want to spice up your bathroom with some cool bathroom décor, you can spend a few hours online and have a few items shipped to your house.

Fine Art Prints

You can add a piece of art from your favorite artist via custom printing. You can also choose another favorite painting or photo and use custom printing methods to get it set and to the size that you want. This is actually really neat because you can take an eight inch by 11 inch print and make is as big as you want it. That is just an example, but you surely get the idea of how this printing method can transform your walls into true pieces of art.

Get New Curtains

You would be amazed how much a few simple curtains can completely change the look of your room. Fit them into your current décor scheme, but go for something that is more bold, such as a bright pattern or a really bright color that you normally would not go for. Now, you still need to like them, but do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone just a little bit. First start with just one room and then as you get comfortable and have a few bucks to spare, grab some new curtains for another room. Eventually, you will have added a little extra to every room in your home.

Put Up a Mirror

Mirrors make rooms look bigger. Since the other side of the room reflects off of the mirror, it gives the illusion that the space is actually bigger than it is. This is a great redecorating idea for all homes, but especially if you live in a small home or apartment. Mirrors are not difficult to hang and can be placed on just about any free wall space.

Paint Your Room

This is going to take a little more work than the above ideas, but it is equally inexpensive. You do not need the most expensive paint on the market to completely change a room. Find a color that you love that fits well with your current furniture and go for it. Try to go slightly bold because this will put you outside of your comfort zone a bit and make the entire room different, even though the wall color was the only thing that you changed.

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  1. Thanks for the great article! Mirrors are great ideas for decoration and with a good big mirror you can have the optical illusion that the room is bigger. It’s a great trick.

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