Schofield King Is The Answer To Your Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim

Here in Schofield King, our group of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers is your trusted legal advisor for claiming your insurance on any type of vehicular accident. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you are rightfully compensated for your claims. We are not afraid to take on large insurance companies when we believe that you deserve the compensation you are seeking for the injuries you have incurred and are suffering from.

Why Choose Us?

Our group of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers is composed of no non-sense professionals who practice upfront honesty with our clients. We firmly believe in the importance of your case be it high profile or not. We are attentive and considerate in explaining the legal technicalities and implications that are often quite difficult to comprehend at the onset.

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Follows A No Win-No Fee Policy

We do not practice hidden charging and upfront payment because we are confident that we can win your case the moment we handle it. Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers will only require payment until you’ve won your case and received your claim. We are on your side, and we would do anything we can for you to win the case.

How Can You Better Establish Your Right to Claim?

Through Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act, we can assist you in establishing your right to claim, especially when there is strong evidence that the other party has caused the injury. When you have been seriously hurt and/or have suffered loss as a result of the accident, you can contact our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers immediately and so we can evaluate your case and come up with the reasonable compensation you deserve.

What are Your Entitlements for the Claims?

Damages come in various forms and accidents have a great impact on the injured person other than what is physical. Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers can help you draft an agreeable compensation for damages claim (meaning the monetization of the personal, psychological, physical and moral injuries and pain that you have suffered from the accident). Our team can help you with including both the Special Damages (pertaining more to the emotional side effects of the event) and the General Damages, which focus on the physical aspect of the accident in your claim.

We will see to it that your emotional suffering, as well as your would-have been income as a result of the accident, incurred disability, or long term rest from work are well accounted for and paid. We can also look into adding related vehicular accident medical expenses to your claim. We will try to include possible remunerations, claims, and monetary rights in your claim so that you can easily recover from any loss and be able to get on with your life.

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers know the ins and outs of the process in claiming compensation for the injuries you have incurred and are suffering from.We understand your needs and we would always explain everything to you in understandable terms. For more information, please visit