Scoring Well in the Verbal Ability Area- Some Tips

While, for a lot of students, quantitative aptitude is easier then verbal ability, for a lot of others, verbal ability is the problem domain. If you do feel that your verbal ability score is dismally low, then you can definitely work towards it to get better results. Wondering what you should do to make your verbal ability score go from 28 to 36?

Read on the following-

If you are scared of verbal ability and you think this is the area that will prevent you from making it through GMAT, then here is good news for you- you can improve your verbal score considerably by simply recognising the rules. For a lot of students, sentence correction is the toughest area in the verbal section. But one thing you have to keep in mind here is that it’s only a handful of grammar rules that you are tested for. And that is why if you acquaint yourself with a few rules linked to parallelism or misplaced modifiers or subject/verb agreement, then you will be able to eliminate at least a certain number of answer options from the multiple-choice questions. Studying the rules properly and then practicing their applicability cannot be emphasised more.

Whether you take gmat test prep online or offline, you will come to know one basic thing, that the reading section is extremely important. The questions that test your reading ability are also a headache for a lot of students. Sometimes, when the material that needs to be read is serious or boring or dense, it becomes extremely difficult to go through or understand it. But one thing you will have to keep in mind here is that these reading questions are not to test your reading interest or capability. These questions are given to make sure you can answer the questions related to the things you read properly. And that is why it’s wrong to look at the passages from the angle of interest or entertainment. Read them just because you need to read. And make sure you employ your hundred percent focus when you are going through a passage.

A lot of people will say that the first 10 questions of the verbal section are the most important. But this is something that will make you score very low in this area. And that is why you should understand that almost every question in this section is important and you should proceed only with this assumption. Don’t try to attempt all the questions available, focus on the questions that you know the answers of. Once you have completed the questions that you know for sure, you can start your guess game. But only make an educated guess; guessing randomly could definitely backfire.

Along with these three tips, self-discipline is also extremely important to score well in this area. While it is important to practice math and other things, the area of verbal ability should never be ignored. You can search for the best online course for gmat, so that you can score equally well in all the areas.