Search Engine Friendly Web Designs

Search Engine Friendly Web Designs

Although a professionally designed website is crucial for companies that want to maintain a positive presence online, it is only the first step towards achieving the goals set by the company.  It is important for the web design to be search friendly so that it can be ranked highly on the various search engines.

In most cases, a website that has been built well and incorporates seo is much easier to use for online marketing for the benefit of the company. While the emphasis on SEO is given priority when building a successful website, it is important to ensure that some essential techniques are incorporated as part of the overall design and also it meets the needs of its target audience.

In general, majority of search engines do not interpret content on websites in the same way as regular users. It is for this reason that it is important for a web design to incorporate certain technical aspects in the construction of a website so that its overall structure is suitable for human visitors as well as search engines. When working with a professional web design company, it is important that they come up with a plan that will help them develop a website that is seo friendly. Some of the things to include in the plan for a search friendly website are:

Proper URL Structures

URL structures are basically web addresses that are assigned to a document that is uploaded online, specifically websites. Most times, they are displayed in a number of important locations such as the results on a search engine which makes it easier for visitors to click on the link and land on your website. To make a site seo friendly, the URL should be short as it makes it easier use them on various online platforms such as blogs, emails and still be visible in search engine results.


Incorporation of a site map in the web design is crucial if an engine bot is to locate other pages on the website.  Most times, search engine bots use links provided on the site to move from one page to finding relevant information to highlight as part of search results. As the engine bot crawls it should find menus that can be easily read so that the website is ranked highly.

Appropriate use of Title Tags

Use of relevant title tags as well as meta descriptions go a long way in making a website seo friendly. The title tag should be concise and accurate so that it can provide a good description of the content on the pages of the website. In addition, the tags should not be above seventy five words and should be sprinkled with appropriate keywords for effective online marketing. Furthermore, the title tag as well as meta description should be compelling enough for visitors to come back for more.

All in all, web designs that are seo friendly are an important aspect of online marketing and should not be underestimated by any company seeking to rank hire on search engines thus attracting visitors.