Secret Recipe to Longer Life Expectancy Among Men

The latest researches have shed light on the fact that men today have longer life spans and tend to live a remarkable 87 years on an average. But the real question is: can all men depend on these statistics and expect to live a longer life?

There are numerous health hazards that men still face today which cut their lives a lot shorter than they would have otherwise. This includes factors such as smoking and the use of alcohol, which is much higher among men as compared to women. Men are supposed to be more carefree when it comes to their health and tend to rarely schedule a doctor’s appointment for themselves. Men engage in reckless behavior as they drive beyond the speed limit, indulge in drug abuse, and get involved in fights.

These issues tend to shorten the gap between the life expectancy of men and women to just about four to five years at a max.

However, recent developments show that men can see themselves living much longer than expected and might even experience life expectancy that is perfectly equivalent to that of a woman.

Below are some ways in which the men can expect to broaden their life spans and take full advantage of this evolution.

Reasons for the Existence of the Longevity Gap:

The real reason for this gap can be linked to the fact that even though most men might realize and have a full understanding of the way they should be leading their lives, they often choose not to. One of the main killing facts is that of smoking which account for about one-fourth of the male cancer patients in UK with a shocking rate of 102,000 deaths linked to smoking in the UK alone in 2009.

Men are noted to have much higher smoking rates than women, engage in more use of alcohol and drugs and often end up in quarrels and serious accidents that can be life threatening. It is also noticed that women tend to be more diet conscious and consume healthy food as opposed to men, which clearly shows the longevity gap that exists between the two genders.

Findings of the New Researches:
The longevity gap is slowly closing in and by 2010, statistics showed an increase in the life span of men by three years.

Professor Leslie Mayhew is a researcher in the same area who suggested that by the upcoming years, men may be able to outlive the women after all. He says that a slight emphasis on the decrease of the reckless attitudes of men may prove to be quite beneficial for them.

“There has been a huge decline in the numbers working in heavy industry; far fewer males smoke than before and there is much better treatment for heart disease, which tends to affect more males than females,” Professor Mayhew told a Sunday newspaper.

Success Story behind the Revolutionary Phase in Men’s Health:

It is noticeable to see that the latest trends in medical services and the drift in lifestyle experiences might just be able to counter the genetic disadvantage that men encounter in the shortening of their life span.

The male members who work in dangerous industries are reduced, that adds to a decrease in the consumption of cigarettes by men. These have lowered the possibility of men suffering from serious diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

The heavy work that men are subjected to in industries like mining often result in accidental deaths at work which shrink the male life expectancy.

Cutting on smoke and fighting with heart diseases are the biggest success stories for men. Still men are more prone to heart attacks than women, but good news is, they are surviving more often.

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