Security Fencing: The Necessity In Modern Society

Security Fencing

Security is the most important concern in our 21st century. Crime rates are going up and there is a general sense of insecurity amongst the common crowd. In such situations, it is very important to fortify your home, office and any other property that you own. Security fencing has evolved as the foremost security measure in such situations.

Security Fencing

Types of Security Fencing

 There are multiple types of security fencing, and this depends on the factors like materials used, design etc. Some of the most common types are

  • Anti climb spike fencing : The panels have sharp and pointed spikes on the top. This kind of fencing provides a preliminary level of security. The whole fence is made from tensile materials. It prevents minor trespassing, like that by cars and animals.
  • Barbed Wire Fencing : This is a second layer of security. It prevents further trespassing as the whole perimeter is covered with barbed wires and there are no chances of finding gaps to climb over. Still there might be some unattended issues.
  • Razor Wire Fencing : This is an update from the barbed wire. The whole perimeter is covered with razor sharp blades and reduces the chances of trespassing to negligible proportions. This kind of fencing is used in high security risk areas.
  • Concertina Coils Fencing : This is the ultimate security measure. The concertina coils consists of barbed wire and opposite facing pairs of razor blades. There is no chance of trespassing whatsoever and only very high security risk areas use this kind of fencing.
  • Electrocuted Fencing : The whole fencing is electrocuted with low electricity voltage. It is seemingly defenseless but can electrocute any trespasser without warning. There are variation of electrocuted fencing depending voltage of electricity and the place of use. Une vérification n’est pas possible pour le marché européen, car le Kamagra oral jelly y est officiellement interdit. It is the most modern approach of security fencing in our times. Although, there are some legal procedures that the user has to follow before installing this kind of fencing.

Materials Used for Security Fencing

A variety of tensile materials are used for making security fencing, and they all have different purposes. However, steel in different variations is the material that is most commonly used in security fencing. Stainless steel and galvanized steel provide the tensile strength necessary to make sturdy fences. Wires from steel of different diameters are used in different places for fencing. Wood was primarily used for fencing but then it was realized that it provides a very weak layer of security and so it has been replaced by metals. Even electrocuted fences use steel as the main building material, with porcelain as the primary insulators. The additional modules of fences, like the barbed wires, razor blades and spikes can be made from different materials but the rest is mostly made from steel.

Places of use

Fencing is used in almost every commercial and residential area these days. Offices with security risks also set up fences at their perimeters. Any ranch, farm or other open spaces are covered with fences to prevent trespassing. Even the research institutes are protected with fences. Industries working with heavy machinery are also protected with fences for various reasons. Now even pet houses are covered with fences.

The reason behind fencing might be different, but as you have seen; fencing is a common phenomenon in our modern society. Also, no matter how much pretention exists about the security in this technologically advanced age, security remains the primary reason for fencing.

Security fencingis important and unavoidable. There are lots of options available in the market and it will be good to take the help of the professionals in order to get the most appropriate for your property. Keep in touch to get more useful details.